Recovery.GOV – life line or laugh a minute?


Well, as of today, the White House has developed a new website that touts complete transparency with the taxpayer dollars we’ve just been relieved of.  The site’s format is reminicient of obama’s campaign website, and opens with this video of the President’s promise:



On the main homepage, it begins with the words “Your money at work” in large letters.  On the right side of the page is this solemn statement:

Accountability and Transparency



On first glance, it would look like Tax Relief makes up the largest portion of the bill, wouldn’t it?  But considering every other graphic represents spending, they would need a wider graph to display Tax Relief vs. Spending in the spirit of true transparency.

I have a few questions, and don’t seem to be able to get an answer from the site as of yet.  Perhaps you do, too.  For instance, what in the sam hill does “Protecting the Vulnerable” mean?  Who do they identify as the “Vulnerable”?  And why is science grouped together with infrastructure?  And what is $8 BILLION dollars worth of “other”??  Does “other” translate into the pork in this bill?  And how many jobs will that create? 

They are quick to say on site that all of our questions will be answered in the next few months right here on  In the meantime, you may submit questions and comments to – I assume – President Obama via the contact page.  I just submitted my first comment, and I would suggest every reader of this article do the same.  I don’t want to wait months to find out who is so vulnerable that it takes $81 Billion to protect them – unless, of course, that money is going directly into the Department of Defense Fund to aid in our own protection, which is not stimulous spending, either. 

I can tell you one thing.  It’d better not be to protect Nancy Pelosi’s infamous mice in California.