The Stimulus Saga Continues – Media Checks in

As the Stimulus/spending plan is being readied for a vote, major networks are already analyzing, critiquing, and predicting.

Here are a few selections across the spectrum, beginning with Sam Donaldson on ABC News:

ABC News

Over on MSNBC, TODAY’s Meredith Vieira talks to Lawrence Summers, President Obama’s economic policy adviser, about the economic stimulus plan.


And on Fox Business Network, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, discusses why the stimulus bill was a missed opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to achieve bipartisan support.

Fox Business Network

And finally, Sen. John McCain was interviewed by Fox News this morning concerning Gregg’s withdrawal and the stimulus bill.

McCain on Fox

The Associated Press gave us a few details concerning the new bill this morning.

The 1,071 page measure — eight inches thick — was posted on an overburdened congressional Web site late Thursday, giving lawmakers just a few overnight hours to read it before debate resumed in both the House and Senate Friday morning. Just on Tuesday, the House voted unanimously to recommend that lawmakers and the public have at least 48 hours to read the legislation before a vote.

The plan, freshly estimated at $787 billion by the Congressional Budget Office, combines $281 billion in tax cuts with $308 billion in outlays funded by the appropriations committees and about $198 billion in spending for benefit programs such as unemployment assistance, $250 payments or millions of people receiving Social Security benefits, and extra money for states to help with the Medicaid health program for the poor and disabled. Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax cut would be scaled back from $500 for most workers to $400, with couples getting $800 instead of $1,000.

So now we’ve heard from the left, the right, and in between.  And all of these serve to raise even more questions for taxpayers at this point.

Sound off – what are your personal thoughts about how the new stimulus/spending plan will help you in your life, your job, and your home?

UPDATE:  According to C-Span, the final vote in the House today was as follows:

Democrats:  246 yea, 7 nay, 1 voted present, and 1 not voting

Republicans:  0 yea, 176 nay, 1 not voting

Bill passed 246-176.  On to the Senate for a vote now.