Lord Obama Heals the Sick, Helps the Needy

This is getting ridiculous, some people see this man as God and it’s a little sickening. To see the amount of people who get teary eyed and fall to pieces in his presence is saddening. He’s just a politician, nothing more. He represents a twisted form of socialism which presents grave danger to this country and yet people fawn over him.

We all remember back to the campaign when this hilarious video emerged:

Sadly she isn’t alone and I’m guessing there are millions of people who are putting their faith in Barack Obama as their lord and savior, no kidding. They believe he will give them money, buy them a home, pay their bills and basically give them the life they’re too lazy to work for.

Take a look at this video from today’s old-fashioned revival meeting in Ft. Myers, Florida:

His staff is going to take care of her, what does that mean? Just ask for a new home and the President will make it happen? You watch, this woman will be on Oprah in a month and she’ll have a new home.

This one is classic, also from earlier today in Ft. Myers, Florida:

Is he serious? These people are insane.

There was another man who asked Lord Obama why his current unemployment benefits of $1,100 a month doesn’t match his previous income of $3,600 a month. He wanted to know if Obama was going to “fix” that problem. I kid you not and if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Well, this is a guess, but perhaps if unemployment paid your full salary there would be no incentive to get another job? I don’t know, is that a reasonable guess? Come on, people!

Exit question: How do you go through life thinking that some politician is going to change your life? Are people that deranged? Short answer, yes.