McCain says stimulus plan is “generational theft”

Someone must have had a focus group meeting because the GOP seems to all be using the term “generational theft” when describing the so-called stimulus legislation currently being debated. It also seems the debate between Sen. McCain and now-President Obama is still happening. This despite the fact that they were both on board for the original “generational theft” of the $700 billion steaming pile of waste back in September 2008.

Video from Sen. McCain this morning on Face the Nation:

More examples of the “generational theft” phrase:

John Boehner
Tom Coburn

Polls show the the public is on the GOP’s side in this battle over this embarrassment of a stimulus bill. It’s little more than massive spending and repayment to groups like ACORN who helped get President Obama elected.

Proceed to tell me the error of my assessment by explaining how government wasting money stimulates anything other than the government?