Kevorkian’s Symbolic Win

Kevorkian’s run for Michigan’s 9th district House seat proved unsuccessful on November 4, 2008. Running as an Independent, he was heavily outpaced by both the Republican incumbent and Democrat rival. The final tally for Michigan’s 9th district results are below, courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State (S0S Results):

Gary Peters, (DEM): 184,098 votes
Joe Knollenberg, (REP): 150,574 votes
Jack Kevorkian, (NPA): 9,047 votes
Adam Goodman, (LIB): 4,937 votes
Douglas Campbell, (GRN): 4,800 votes

Jack Kevorkian’s run for Congress was a symbolic win, however.

Kevorkian, a former felon with the notorious nickname “Doctor of Death,” was without any Party affiliation or backing, severely limited funds, and without previous political accolades to his name. Joe Knollenberg was running as the incumbent, and the Democratic candidate Gary Peters was Michigan’s former state senator and lottery commissioner. Peters’s win, in many ways, was part of the wave that swept through Oakland, where Barack Obama posted a 16-point lead over Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

That Kevorkian collected 2.5% of the votes, compared to the Libertarian and The Green Party candidates, who each received 1.4%, speaks volumes to his cause.