(Video) President-elect Obama addresses the nation

Just today, President-elect Obama addressed the nation in his first official press conference after being elected on to the office of the Presidency on Tuesday.

Here is the full video of Obama’s statement and the press conference:

Full transcript of Obama’s remarks here.

At least he did acknowledge that the Bush administration is in charge until January, though they will be working closely with regard to economic policies and decisions until that time. He deferred a bit on foreign policy issues.

Also today, Obama seeking advice on the current economic issues, report from AOL News:

CHICAGO (Nov. 7) — President-elect Barack Obama is calling on economic experts to discuss the first steps toward healing a damaged economy as he forms a new administration in the face of a worsening crisis.

“We’re not starting from nowhere,” said Lawrence Summers, a Treasury secretary under President Clinton and one of the 17 members of Obama’s transition economic advisory board who were to meet Friday with Obama.

“Throughout his campaign the president-elect has been talking about what we need to do. We need to put the middle class at the center of the policy approach in a way that it hasn’t been these last years,” Summers told NBC’s “Today.”

Leaders of business, government and academia to meet with Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden include executives from Xerox Corp., Time Warner Inc., Google Inc. and the Hyatt hotel company. Investor Warren Buffett was participating by telephone.

It was to be Obama’s first public appearance since Tuesday’s election, where exit polls showed that the economy was far and away the top issue for voters. More evidence of a recession came Friday when the government reported that the unemployment rate had jumped from 6.1 percent in September to 6.5 percent in October.

Obama has been meeting privately with his transition team, receiving congratulatory phone calls from U.S. allies and intelligence briefings, and making decisions about who will help run his government.

His first choice, for White House chief of staff, was Rahm Emanuel, a fiery partisan unafraid of breaking glass and hurting feelings. The choice of Emanuel is a significant departure from the soft-spoken, low-key aides that “No-Drama Obama” surrounded himself with during the campaign. And transition chief John Podesta, like Emanuel, is a former top aide to President Clinton and a tough partisan infighter, though less bombastic than the new chief of staff.

The selections are telling for Obama, who campaigned as a nontraditional, almost “post-partisan” newcomer. People close to him say the selections show he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and knows what he needs to be successful as he shifts from campaigning to governing.

Transition spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said Obama would not announce any personnel appointments Friday.

Obama also was holding his first news conference as president-elect after the meeting.

This seems like a different tone considering the fact that Obama has spoken against large corporations throughout the campaign. However, it seems like a list of the most promising private corporations in the country he’s seeking advice from.

Also, President Bush is working to ensure a smooth transition to an Obama administration, story from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (Nov. 6) – President Bush says he’ll meet with President-elect Barack Obama next week as his administration works to achieve a seamless transition of power to the Democrat.

Bush talked outside the White House as he gathered with a host of Executive Mansion and administration workers to urge cooperation with the Obama team on the transition that will take place over the next 75 days.

Bush said that “this peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.” And he warned that the United States would be vigilant against any attempts by enemies to take advantage of the country during its period of transition.

The Bush administration is providing security clearances, working space and policy briefings to President-elect Obama’s team as the transformation of the White House gets fully under way. World leaders are calling for Obama, and the White House is helping to get them connected.

“All of us here at the White House have a special responsibility to ensure that the next president and his team hit the ground running,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said Thursday.

Preparation for the complex transition process has quietly been unfolding for about a year, but only accelerated with the nation’s election on Tuesday of Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois. He will be sworn in as the country’s 44th president in 75 days.

This is a very classy move of President Bush who clearly is indeed trying to put the country first. If one remembers, the transition from Clinton to Bush back in 2001 was anything but “smooth” considering the White House was vandalized by Clinton staffers and W’s were ripped off computer keyboards.