Just a simple “Thank You” from Nate

This serves as a simple “Thank You” to everyone who made this site a success. It began as a pet project, just a hobby of mine personally as a political guru.

Not to sound like a sappy acceptance speech, but this wouldn’t here without people loading the site everyday, clicking ads, and making it successful. I’m most proud of having every single debate video archived, I don’t believe any other site can say that. Though I’m sure I’ll be corrected.

We have some plans to continue on as YouDecidePolitics.com, look for announcements in coming weeks.

Right now though, I need to take a long vacation from politics and focus on my career outside of this site, which became my career the past several months.

As you know if you read the about section, I am a conservative Republican, to which I’ll let you attach meaning concerning how I voted and my thoughts on the election results. Let me tell you, trying to play the objective, non-partisan host on the site was incredibly hard, especially for two years. I always knew as long as I had both sides complaining I was biased, I was working it right down the middle, or at least I tried as best as any fallible human could. My goal, which was archived, was to bring on more left-leaning contributors like Michael to keep the site in check, which work fantastically as we had all points of views.

So all-in-all, I had a lot of fun operating this site and making new friends. We never asked for donations because I believed that if the site was useful, it would survive on it’s own, which it did.

Also, thanks to Michael who made major contributions in content and administration, he added a great deal to the site over the past year which made it better than I could have alone. Babs is also due a personal thank you since she was a bedrock of the site as a loyal reader policing the community for over a year, if I can tell time. Others have contributed in that way as well, consider yourself appreciated.

Also, I have to thank for my wife (some may know here as Conservative Gal) for letting me start this journey way back in December of 2006, when it was still just a “hobby” costing our own money to pursue. It was hard to sit by watching people bash her, though she handles her own and makes her own arguments.

Also, a personal thank you to our guest commentary contributors including Dreadsen, PeoplePower, Conservative Gal, Stalin, and Babs and others if I missed them.

We have a diverse group of liberals, moderates, conservatives and everyone pretty much got along. Also, to my amazement, we drew in a large amount of foreign visitors who contributed as well.

So that’s it for now. This isn’t a sign off, but more of a recognition of where we came from and the people who helped along the way.

Look for continued announcements in coming days on the new site, launching sometime between now and inauguration day. This site was founded mainly as a conduit for following the 2008 Presidential Election, which by most accounts, is now complete. Therefore, I need to move on for now since my bread and butter is done.

Consider this my victory speech as well since this site became more than I imagined it would in 2 short years.

So sound off below.. tell me what you think, try to keep your comments non-partisan in nature.