McCain offers his concession speech, urges unity

Sen. John McCain offered his concession tonight from Arizona, congratulating President-elect Obama on a race well fought. Sen. McCain, of course, urged unity after a hard fought race in which the odds were stacked against him from the beginning.

Here’s video of his speech via MSNBC:

Report from Yahoo News on McCain’s concession:

PHOENIX – Republican John McCain concedes the presidential race to Barack Obama, saying the Democrat has achieved a “great thing” for himself and the country with his historic victory.

McCain — with wife Cindy on one side and running-mate Sarah Palin on the other — urged his supporters to put aside partisan differences and work to get “the country moving again.”

Speaking from outside the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, McCain told his supporters: “It’s natural tonight to feel some disappointment. Though we fell short, the failure is mine, not yours.”

Sen. McCain has called President-elect Obama to congratulate him, First Read reports:

Per Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, McCain called president-elect Obama at 10 PM Central.

“Senator Obama thanked Senator McCain for his graciousness and said he had waged a tough race. Senator Obama told Senator McCain he was consistently someone who has showed class and honor during this campaign as he has during his entire life in public service.

Senator Obama said he was eager to sit down and talk about how the two of them can work together – Obama said to move this country forward “I need your help, you’re a leader on so many important issues.”

Sounds like they were both very gracious in moving forward.