Reports from around the country of voting issues

Several reports, as expected, are surfacing from around the country of various problems and some voter intimidation. Mostly they are isolated reports which are not adversely affecting the vote nationwide.

First, new video of Black Panther members threatening people at Philadelphia polling locations:

Hillary Clinton voting today, doing a little politicking in the polling place:

Other reports of voting problems from around the country:

Wet fingers causing problems in the Chesapeake, Virginia area – story

Fox News – Broken Machines, Shortages Plague Voters Around the Country

CNN – Voters ‘surprised,’ ‘excited’ on historic election day

MSNBC – Historically high turnout expected as some wait hours to cast their ballot

More Black Panther Party Party intimidation footage:

More as I find it, please post any reports of voting issues in the comments and I’ll update this story. We’re looking for reports on all sides of the aisle, any story you find we’ll try to chronicle it here.