Official 2008 Presidential Election Results

This page will be constantly updated with the live results from the Associated Press as the states are called one by one. The map below is updated real time as states are called. Each state can be clicked for specific county results within each state.

We expect official individual state results to begin sometime between 7pm and 8pm eastern time.

Note: From my own experience, our local polling place here in Fairfax County, Virginia was well-run. We waited less than 5 minutes and had the option of either touchscreen electronic voting or paper ballots. I chose the electronic voting and it was easy as pie. No issues, very smooth and organized.

Another widget from MSNBC with live results:

Here, via CNN, are the poll closing times for every state across the land:

More info on poll closing times and key races to watch can be found here.

More to come along with the senate race results as well in a separate post later tonight.