Obama wraps Ohio campaigning with Springsteen

In front of an estimated 80,000 Springsteen fans and Obama supporters, the duo wrapped major Ohio campaigning on Sunday with a huge concert showing just how easy it can be for Obama to bring out the masses.

Report from the Chicago Tribune:

CLEVELAND — As his campaign pulled out all the stops to turn out voters before Tuesday’s election, a confident and upbeat Barack Obama was joined by rock legend Bruce Springsteen—and some rain—for an evening rally Sunday.

“Sunshine is on the way,” the Democratic nominee promised as the showers started. “We’ve just got two more days of these clouds.”

With a few guitar strums in the background, Springsteen gave a roughly five-minute soliloquy of an endorsement for the Illinois senator before starting into his “The Rising,” the song typically played before Obama takes the stage at his campaign events.

“I travel around the world. I occasionally play to big stadiums, crowds like this, just like Sen. Obama does,” Springsteen said. “I continue to find out that wherever I go, America remains a repository for people’s hopes, their desires. It remains a house of dreams.”

Springsteen said he believes Obama is uniquely qualified to put the nation back on the right track.

“Sen. Obama, help us rebuild our house, big enough for the dreams for all our citizens,” he said. “I want my country back. I want my dream back. I want my America back.”

A crowd Obama’s campaign said totaled 80,000 listened from the Cleveland Mall. Some 60,000 others had earlier seen him outside the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

After campaigning for the presidency for more than 630 days, Obama is just a few dozen hours away from knowing whether his hard work has paid off. He has been counting down in his speeches for several days now.

“Ohio, I’ve got two words for you: two days,” Obama declared in Cleveland .

He said having his wife and two daughters with him over the weekend had boosted his spirits.

“The crowds seem to grow, and everybody’s got a smile on their face,” Obama said. “You start thinking that maybe we might be able to win an election on Nov. 4.”

Roughly a third of the national electorate is expected to have voted before Tuesday, with Democrats so far outnumbering Republicans in early voting in key states.

Video report from the Associated Press:

Obama may still do another campaign stop or two in Ohio at some point on Monday, however, clearly this was the send off bash hoping to swing Ohio to the blue persuasion this time around.

Tuesday’s coming, we’ll know soon enough.