McCain plans swing state barnstorming for Monday

In the last 24 hours before voters head to the polls, the McCain campaign has a major tour planned to hit 7 states holding rallies and urging supporters to vote on Tuesday. Gov. Sarah Palin will also be weaving a path around the country hitting major swing states as well on Monday.

The report on this from Politico:

PERKASIE, Pa. — John McCain plans to barnstorm the country Monday with a final campaign push that will take him to seven states.

McCain will start his last day of campaigning with a midnight rally in Miami. After a few hours of sleep, he’ll start again in Tampa, Fla., and then head to stops in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Mexico and Nevada, according to a memo e-mailed to supporters.

McCain also plans to tape a satellite interview to air during “Monday Night Football.” ESPN will broadcast that and one with Barack Obama during halftime of the Redskins-Steelers game. “Monday Night Football” has an average viewership of 12.2 million, and this week’s game pits two teams with swing-state fan bases in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Running mate Sarah Palin will spend Monday making stops in Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada. She’ll end her day in Alaska, ready to cast her ballot on Election Day.

Throughout the day, the campaign and the Republican National Committee will storm the airwaves with a massive advertising push that campaign manager Rick Davis said would outspend the Democrats by roughly $10 million.

McCain will finish his long day in Prescott, Ariz., with a midnight rally on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse. Barry Goldwater, the last Arizonan to win his party’s nomination, launched his campaigns at the same spot. McCain, who considered Goldwater a mentor, also wound up his spring biography tour at the courthouse.

But the trip may be more than symbolic. Over the past week, McCain’s home state has appeared to be in play. On Saturday, Real Clear Politics changed its categorization of Arizona from leaning McCain to a toss-up state.

If they’re going to pave the way for a victory on Tuesday, this is going to be how it happens. Whether or not the McCain campaign and GOP is actually outspending Obama on airwaves may or may not be correct. I’m betting that Obama media buys are probably maxed out in many markets which means they have no choice but to hit other red states as well with Obama’s message on TV.