Election Day Predictions! Let’s do this.. (Predictions Closed!)

We’re a few days out but I think it’s time to open up a thread for predictions. There’s enough information out now for all of us to make a reasonable guess based on gut feelings, polls, and history.

Update: Predictions are closed, no more time! We’ll revisit this in a few days in a feature to congratulate whoever was the closest. Thanks for participating, it will be fun to examine this later.

Predictions are, of course, meaningless however they give us some reason to kill time before this thing happens on Tuesday, November 4th.

Note: We’re not talking predictions like “OBAMA/MCCAIN IS GONNA OWN! YOU SUCK!!”

Anything which is not a definitive, serious prediction for each state will be deleted, this isn’t a typical discussion thread, so don’t discuss, just predict.

The site I’m using is the Los Angeles Times electoral vote map. I chose to predict a few I think will go one way or another but leave the toss-ups for all of you commenters to decide.

Here is my scenario since I left some swing states undecideds for you to decide:

So here’s your instructions:

1. Go to the blank LA Times Electoral Map
2. Choose your states, turn them dark red or dark blue.
3. Click the “Share” button on the bottom-left of the map
4. Click on “copy code” underneath the “link to this scenario”
5. Come back here, and Paste the link to your map (Control+V) into your comment, and submit!

Note: The embed code isn’t working in the comments right now, but you can post the link to your map and I’ll put them all together later inside this post.

If you screw it up, just email me or report your comment and I can delete it.

If that’s too much/complicated, just give us your list of states and whether they’ll be McCain or Obama. Here’s a list to get you started:

Total: 538; Majority Needed to Elect: 270

Alabama – 9
Alaska – 3
Arizona – 10
Arkansas – 6
California – 55
Colorado – 9
Connecticut – 7
Delaware – 3
District Of Columbia – 3
Florida – 27
Georgia – 15
Hawaii – 4
Idaho – 4
Illinois – 21
Indiana – 11
Iowa – 7
Kansas – 6
Kentucky – 8
Louisiana – 9
Maine – 4
Maryland – 10
Massachusetts – 12
Michigan – 17
Minnesota – 10
Mississippi – 6
Missouri – 11
Montana – 3
Nebraska – 5
Nevada – 5
New Hampshire – 4
New Jersey – 15
New Mexico – 5
New York – 31
North Carolina – 15
North Dakota – 3
Ohio – 20
Oklahoma – 7
Oregon – 7
Pennsylvania – 21
Rhode Island – 4
South Carolina – 8
South Dakota – 3
Tennessee – 11
Texas – 34
Utah – 5
Vermont – 3
Virginia – 13
Washington – 11
West Virginia – 5
Wisconsin – 10
Wyoming – 3

Feel free to give your popular vote percentage breakdown as well.

If you screw it up, just email me or report your comment and I can delete it.

After the election, we’ll come back to this post and give some congrats to those who got it close, and some kind of prize to whoever comes the closest.


Make sure you just copy the code for the link to your page, NOT the embed code as it won’t work.