McSame As Bush?

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McSame as Bush? At least 80% like Bush is too similar for this country to risk.

Senator McCain likes to claim that he is different than George W. Bush. However, his record and much of his rhetoric paints a very different picture. Even he disagrees with himself, a very typical problem of his.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, take McCain’s. He is on record saying he is agreeing with President Bush and disagreeing with President Bush:

Further evidence of this can be found all over the Internet, such as this link that provide further comparisons between Bush and McCain. It is clear that a vote for McCain is a vote for a virtual-third term of George W. Bush.

Another example comes from the New York Times. McCain supporters may find this NY Times article surprisingly fair; surprising, because they have been told that the NY Times is a part of the supposedly Liberal Mainstream Media.

As a country, we cannot afford the same policies that reward the wealthy and punish the rest of us. It is a failed policy that diminishes regular Americans’ ability to build their own vision of the American Dream. It follows along with some conservative’s idea that a strong Middle Class is dangerous to the stability of the country.

We run a huge risk by continuing down the path of intellectual laziness. Too many people in this country lack the time and/or the intellectual curiosity to fact check media comments, especially those made by their preferred organizations. This is not an exclusively Republican issue; Democrats suffer from this as well.

However, worse than a large portion of the populace lacking intellectual curiosity is having a President who does. George W. Bush has proven for a long time that he prefers his inner-circle to be “yes men” and makes insular decisions based upon limited information. John McCain is demonstrating a great many of these tendencies as well.

It is critically important that any President is able to hear “that is a bad idea” from one of his or her advisers. It is equally important for any President to seek out opinions, advice and ideas from people who disagree with him or her. Doing otherwise is the “my way or the highway” mindset of the Bush Administration and will be the same mindset of a McCain Administration, should he win.

This same stubborn, insular method of leadership is one of the primary reasons I was opposed to Hillary Clinton being the Democratic Candidate for President.

If you re-visit the speech candidate Bush gave at the Republican National Convention in 2000 with that given by candidate McCain in the RNC in 2008, you will see many of the same promises. The overall messages were virtually identical, with a few minor changes in ideas and policies.

Promising change when you’re at least 80% the same is a false promise and one made exclusively to gain votes from people too busy to check up on the facts.

If you want four more years of almost-exactly-Bush, vote McCain.

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