McCain, GOP gain ground in swing state ad wars

For days, we’ve heard that Obama is massively outspending McCain on ads, which her most certainly is, however, news out today that with the help of the RNC, McCain’s campaign is now matching Obama with ad dollars in several swing states.

Here’s the report from USAToday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — After weeks of being out-advertised by Barack Obama, Republican presidential candidate John McCain and the Republican Party are nearly matching the Democratic nominee ad for ad in key battleground markets.

Ad spending and ad placement data obtained from Democratic and Republican operatives show that in the closing days of the campaign the Republican voice has grown louder in states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

For instance, Obama had been scheduled to buy about $2.5 million in Florida ads for the last week of the campaign. McCain is now set to spend about $1.6 million and the Republican National Committee added $1.5 million to their buy in the state this week. Obama appears to have added more weight to his ads since.

The ad war is especially noticeable in Florida’s central corridor, which includes Tampa, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Those near-parity levels in crucial states come with a price. McCain has had to trim back his ads in Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, giving Obama even greater edges there.

A map of the states where McCain and the RNC are spending their money also illustrates the defensive nature of their 11th hour strategy. Except for Pennsylvania, the McCain-GOP focus was on trying to hold states that President Bush won in 2004.

And while the GOP may have turned up the volume in crucial states, Obama had outspent them for weeks with ads that promoted his cause and attacked McCain.

The last round of ads comes as national polls show Obama with a lead but with McCain closing in. State polls, however, are the more important barometer of how the election might turn out. And by that measure, Obama is in a much better spot, with clear holds of past Democratic states and competing in what have been reliably Republican states.

As the article stated, Obama may have since added more dollars to the swing state so there’s no way to tell. The real issue, though, is that matching Obama in swing states forces McCain to withdraw resources from states like Missouri and Indiana, where he needs to defend their previous “red” status.

TV ads from both candidates simply annoy me personally. I spend all day staring at polls, reading stories, and defending my honor against you heathens in the comments. 😉

The last thing I want to do when I sit down to watch mindless television is be reminded about this nonsense. Unfortunately here in Virginia, we’re inundated on local broadcasts from both sides.