Obama’s Born Identity (Update)

We have all had to provide a birth certificate at some time or another. Perhaps in order to get a driver’s license or passport. Most people have a copy in their bank safe deposit box or sitting in drawer at home and we can produce it on short notice. You would think the same would apply to someone running for the most important job in the world. That is not the case with Barrack Obama and many people want to know why.

I’m fully aware that Obama has posted his certification of live birth on his website. You can see it here:

Furthermore, I am aware that factcheck.org has looked at the certification of live birth and vouched for its authenticity.

There are a couple of problems here. First of all, the “certification of live birth” that factcheck.org is vouching for is not the official document issued at the time of birth. Here is what a typical birth certificate would look like around the time Obama was born. Notice how much additional information it provides:

The second issue is that factcheck.org is hardly a reliable source given the fact that it is run by the Annenberg Center for Public Policy, whose board Obama sat on. That is more than a small conflict of interest.

Philip Berg, an attorney from Pennsylvania has brought a lawsuit against Obama to force him to produce his original birth certificate. Here is a widely seen interview given by Berg about his claims:

Berg’s lawsuit was recently dismissed by U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick reasoning that Berg did not have standing to request the birth certificate. As a result, Berg is going to appeal the case to the US Supreme Court. This issue is not going away as the Senator would like. Six additional lawsuits have been filed in other states seeking the release of his original birth certificate. Fueling some of the internet rumors is that Berg claims to have recordings of Obama’s grandmother claiming that she witnessed her grandson’s birth in Kenya. Berg has theorized that Obama’s mother was in Kenya and was too pregnant to fly back to Hawaii so she gave birth in Kenya. He further surmises that after the birth the Obama’s quickly returned to Hawaii to have the birth registered. This might explain why Obama’s sister has mentioned two different hospitals when answering questions about her brother’s place of birth. Berg has additional theories that Obama was adopted by his step-father and became an Indonesian citizen. He then returned to the United States becoming a naturalized citizen making him ineligible to be POTUS. What the actual truth is, we may never know.

Even if Obama is elected on Nov. 4th, he’s still going to have to deal with this. I suspect that eventually, if this makes it to the Supreme Court, they will require Obama to finally produce his birth certificate. If there are any irregularities or doubts about his citizenship, it will cause a constitutional crisis like we’ve never seen before. I’m sure many will call me a right wing conspiracy theorist, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many theories that have been running rampant on the web, but I chose not to give any of them legitimacy without proof. I am giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. He can do us all a favor and produce this document in order to put the issue to rest. What does he have to lose, unless he’s hiding something? As always, I leave you with a quote:

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. -Abraham Lincoln


Soon after posting this article more information surfaced, from a source wishing to remain anonymous, which adds further doubt to the “official” certificate of live birth posted on Obama’s fightthesmears.com website.

Compare an original 1961 certificate with Obama’s 2007 reproduction:

The certificate on the left is purported to be an official certificate of live birth from 1961 in the state of Hawaii, the island of Oahu, in the county of Honolulu. The same specifications for the area and time frame when Obama was born.

If Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, as he claims, then he should be able to produce a birth certificate looking at least similar, if not identical to the one on the left.

See a larger comparison here to examine the details of each:

Large Birth Certificate Comparison

Nate was kind enough to host these large files on the youdecide2008.com server to keep the source anonymous.

Yet more questions arise as these official versions come out disputing Obama’s “official” certificate he has provided to the public. Why can’t Obama produce the original and put all these rumors to bed? Why let the questions linger if they aren’t true?

Stalin is a regular contributor for YouDecide2008.com