Which John McCain Will Become President, Should He Win?

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I have discussed McCain’s flip-flopping many times before. Right now, I am pining for the McCain of 2000. If McCain were the same candidate as he was in 2000, he would really be giving Obama a serious challenge; though I wonder if he would even have made it through the Republican Primary.

Which policies of McCain’s will actually be advocated for should he win this election? I would think truly social conservatives would rebel against him and hold his flip-flopping against him, as they did with John Kerry. Or is it only bad for a Democrat to flip-flop?

Which stance on Gay Marriage do you support? Which version of McCain will you get if he wins this election?

There are a few who would not allow a gay or lesbian couple certain legal rights in regards to hospital visitation or estate planning. There are some who are simply opposed to the term “Marriage” but are OK with the idea of a “Civil Union.”

Well, nobody can get officially married in this country without a marriage license. So, wouldn’t it be the case that if the couple’s church was all right with marrying them, they should be allowed to marry? Isn’t that the freedom of religion that we all profess to hold dear to our hearts?

Now what about tax cuts? Would we have the McCain who opposed Bush’s tax cuts or the one who now wants to make them permanent?

Reversing a tax cut is only a tax increase based upon the current rate, but it is not a tax increase over what was being paid previously. In a time of war, the Federal Government needs the extra money in order to effectively wage the war; and in many cases, it’s the only way for some people to contribute to the war effort. Isn’t that an example of paying taxes being patriotic?

Roe vs. Wade has been a big source of disagreement between conservatives and liberals for a very long time. The levels of disagreement vary greatly – some say they simply think it should be State decision rather than a Federal one. Others think abortion should be completely illegal. What does John McCain think? Who can really know which is true today?

State-level legislation many times creates a situation in which a person is without the means to leave their particular residence or area, and thus is forced into an unfair/unjust law. Certain laws need to be at the Federal level to assure equal treatment for all Americans.

What about the big names of the Religious Right? Are Dobson, Falwell (may he rest in peace) or Robertson people John McCain would turn to for advice or policy decisions? I’m no longer sure. I can’t say which way he’ll go. Please note that most video clips documenting this are currently unavailable on YouTube. However, the content is well-covered within the two summary videos at the end.

Hopefully, McCain will not take too much advice from these religious talking heads. They badly represent evangelical people; whom the majority are level-headed and compassionate and do, indeed, believe in being good Christians; which, by definition means to be “Christ-like” in behavior and beliefs.

There are many more examples of John McCain’s flip-flopping. How could anyone could vote for him, based upon a complete lack of certainty as to who he would be were he to win – the John McCain of 2005 and earlier or the John McCain of 2006 and later? Do you want to take that chance?

Perhaps Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party would be a better choice? Or perhaps a write-in campaign for Ron Paul?

In any case, I wonder who will be hoodwinked; the supporters of the “old McCain” or those of the “new McCain”?

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