Throw Mama from the Train, says Obama

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In the face of wide spread accusations against Obama’s Tax Plan, with many calling it “spreading the wealth”, Socialistic, and just plain welfare, Obama has given up and – once again – changed. Now we’re told that Obama’s big tax cuts for 95% of Americans are only for working individuals. If you don’t have a job, you don’t qualify to get any wealth spread your way. No, you have to hold down that “three letter word” Joe the Biden spells “j-o-b-s”.

Under his new plan, he throws my Mama from the train for sure, and millions upon millions of others. Here’s a partial list:

  1. The unemployed. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve been unemployed for a week or a year, you’re out. Let’s hope the massive layoffs don’t include you.
  2. Those living on Welfare.
  3. Those who have worked, oh let’s say 40 or 50 years, and now live retired and on a fixed income. You’ll have to go back to work if you want the wealth spread as far as you. Considering my Mom is 90 years old, I’d say the prospect of employment is slim to none, so she’ll stay off the train and on the side of the road. There goes the Florida vote.
  4. If you’ve been injured in any way, and draw social security disability, sorry, you’re off the train. This will include:
    • Disabled Veterans
    • Mentally and Physically challenged individuals
    • Civilians who have been permanently disabled on the job or outside the job.
  5. Unemployed students, even those who are in college on hardship scholarships.
  6. Stay at home Mothers or Fathers. If you have chosen to stay home and raise your children, perhaps home school your children, you’re out, too. Or if you stay at home to care for a mentally or physically challenged family member, you’re out.

Bless his heart, he just can’t win for losing, and neither can we under his administration.

Considering the first claim was that 95% of Americans would see a tax cut and rebate from an Obama administration, what percentage are we at now? Are these people who have been cut from the second version of the plan part of the 40% it was said paid no taxes to begin with? You can hold a job that pays little more than minimum wage – or have a lot of dependents – and still not only get forgiveness on taxes, but also get a check that we all know as an “earned income credit”. So if we add that group to the groups above, what percentage are we now at for qualifiers of Obama’s tax cuts? Does he intend to tell us?

I took my Mom to the local beauty salon at JC Penny’s yesterday. While keeping her company in the chair, I met another customer who had come in wearing a “Yes We Can” t-shirt with Obama’s photograph on it. I struck up a conversation with this lady – as I’m not at all shy – and began to quiz her about Obama’s tax plans, as if I didn’t know them. Immediately, she began the talking points of “Obama’s going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans”, blah, blah, blah. I listened patiently, and when she didn’t include the newest provision of working people only, I finally asked her what she thought of it. She seemed shocked, and even accused me of getting it wrong. It didn’t exclude anyone but the “fat cats”, according to her, and Obama would make those fat cats “pay for their greed”. I solemnly swore to this woman that he had indeed altered the plan to include only those people with jobs, and excluding people like the ones I’ve listed above. It was my first convert that I’m sure of. As it turns out, this lady lives with her Mother (who draws Social Security) and she doesn’t work “so she can take care of her aged mother”. One of her daughters also shares the home with HER two daughters (fatherless) and does not work, either. The daughter “draws a check for herself and the girls” and they all get a “few” food stamps, she said. None of them will qualify under the new plan. She immediately got on her cell phone and began trying to verify what I said, or more truthfully to prove me wrong. Apparently, even with her financial woes, her daughter can still afford a computer and internet, and within just a few minutes this lady had the proof of what I said. She had some very selective words to say about Obama then, but her anger was directed more at herself than anyone else. Why? Because even though I had converted her to John McCain, which she readily admitted because Obama was a “blankety blank liar” – she has already voted for Barack Obama via early voting, and so had her Mother and daughter. Buyer’s remorse brought on by early voting.

Never mind that this woman was obviously intelligent and physically capable of holding down a job. Never mind that her daughter could, too. Never mind that this family is exactly the type that earned Obama the outcry of “Welfare” concerning his tax redistribution scheme. What’s important is that these three women supported Obama because they were expecting an even freer ride than they already have. And while Obama has now said who WILL be included in the new version of his tax plan, he’s neglected to point out who will NOT. He’s “hoping” his followers won’t notice the “change”.

One has to wonder whether Obama’s judgment is sound on this economic mish mash he proposes. I know as a small business owner I was already against it. With all these other sectors who now find themselves on the wrong side of it, one would wonder why he doesn’t just give up on it altogether. It has fallen apart in regards to the very sectors of voters he was trying to win, and it would seem he is the last man standing that doesn’t know it.

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