The Barack Obama Hate Machine

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If there was ever a better illustration of how intolerant the so-called “tolerant” left is in America, it’s been seen in the vicious, evil attacks directed toward Gov. Sarah Palin since she became John McCain’s vice presidential nominee.

Many liberals in this country like to pretend they are open-minded and love free speech, that lie couldn’t be further from the truth. They believe in tolerance to the point where they wish death on Republicans and espouse violence toward anyone who dare question The One and his socialist ways.

Just for some examples of this liberal “tolerance” in action, I didn’t have to go far before scores of stories popped up to illustrate just how tolerant liberals really are.

Just to contrast this, there was a big media todo about a supporter at a McCain rally supposedly yelling “Kill him,” when speaking of Barack Obama. This turned out to be a complete fabrication as the Secret Service investigated it as a death threat and found no merit to the claim made by one reporter, read about there here.

Now, onto the liberal tolerance.

1. “Let’s stone her, old school”

Just over a week ago, Gov. Sarah Palin was invited to a Philadelphia Flyers game to drop the ceremonious “first puck” of the game. She was received with mixed cheers and boos, however, outside on the street, it was another story. According to, one Palin-hater was heard saying the following:

Outside on Broad Street, waiting for Palin to leave, one man was heard saying: “Let’s stone her, old school.”

So is “stone her” better than “kill him,” which never even happened? I’d say not yet the media isn’t interested in reporting hateful death threats made against conservatives from Barack Obama supporters.

2. “Abort Sarah Palin”

You don’t have to look much further than internet t-shirt shops to find the love and respect given to Sarah Palin by the left. Did I say love and respect, I’m sorry I meant hatred and disrespect.

Just a few examples of t-shirts being designed and sold from supporters of Barack Obama:

Oops, sorry, tossed in one illustrating the tolerant love and affection these same folks have for President Bush.

Oops, and another, I better stop now or this could go all day.

Here’s the wrap-up from Fox News discussing an anti-Palin t-shirt worn to a Barack Obama rally which was so vulgar, they can’t even show it on TV:

But wait, I though Barack Obama supporters were all tolerant, peace-loving people. Then why, may I ask, do they support stoning Sarah Palin, killing President Bush, and constantly trashing those with whom they disagree? It must be their love and tolerance.

3. Silencing free speech

In recent days and weeks, it has become the norm for supporters of Barack Obama to begin stifling free speech which doesn’t support The One and his policies.

One example from the state of Florida where a man’s car was vandalized and defaced because of it had a McCain/Palin sticker on it:

CLEARWATER (Bay News 9) — A Clearwater man’s vehicle that displayed a bumper sticker supporting John McCain has been defaced in what appears to be a hate crime, authorities say.

According to authorities, 41-year-old Frank Armstrong’s 2006 Lexus LS 430 was parked on the 1400 block of Gulf Boulevard when someone or a group of people scratched the letters “KKK” into the paint and burned a U.S. Flag on the vehicle.

Authorities say those involved also used cigarettes to burn several areas of the car and apparently urinated on the car.

Armstrong’s vehicle displayed a bumper sticker supporting the McCain campaign and another that was anti-Barack Obama leading investigators to believe the crime was racially or politically motivated.

No witnesses or surveillance video have been found.

The other “anti-Obama” sticker on his car was a sticker which said “NObama,” hardly offensive to the point where it warranted vandalism. This man put a McCain/Palin sticker on his car and supporters of Barack Obama etched “KKK” into his car because they didn’t like his free speech. Tolerance in action, my friends. Apparently tolerance means you find a car with a sticker you don’t like, then urinate on it.

Here’s a video of some guy who finally got ticked off enough at his McCain/Palin sign being stolen from his front yard, so he video taped it:

There are so many other examples of Barack Obama supporters illustrating their belief in free speech by stealing private property that I don’t have time to list them. Again, tolerance and what a beautiful thing it is.

Here’s another example, just for fun:

Now I know you could point to an Obama sign being stolen by a McCain supporter, but why justify bad behavior with other bad behavior? I will condemn any sign being stolen, be it a McCain or Obama, because I actually do believe in free speech, not like these Barack Obama supporters showing their respect for private property by walking onto someone’s lawn and stealing from them. See how gutsy they are doing it when it’s dark?

Here’s another story which explains how tolerant and love-filled Barack Obama supporters are:

Albemarle County Police are trying to figure out who is responsible for setting fire to a couple campaign signs.
The incident happened early Saturday morning in Earlysville. A McCain-Palin sign and a Virgil Goode sign were set on fire.

“This is a disturbing turn of events and I’m dismayed at the intolerance and attempted intimidation,” said Chairman of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, Christian Schoenewald.

Both signs were 4′ X 8′ that had been posted on someone’s private property.

“I’m concerned that this new behavior shows an escalation in the desire to intimidate Republican voters. Theft and defacing of signs is one thing. Burning signs elevates the situation to a whole new level,” said Schoenewald.

Last month, similar Republican campaign signs were stolen from that same area.

Barack Obama supporters literally torching McCain/Palin signs because they are such champions of free speech, that they have to stifle the speech of others. Embrace the tolerance, my friends, it’s a wonderful thing when Barack Obama supporters go around setting McCain/Palin signs on fire.

Think it’s just confined to McCain/Palin? Think again. Take this story from Minnesota where Democrats have vandalized the home of Republican Senator Norm Coleman, currently running for reelection:

ST. PAUL (WCCO) ? Vandals defaced the garage at Sen. Norm Coleman’s home, his campaign and police said Wednesday. Five other Minnesota politicians were similarly targeted with vandalism, according to authorities.

Coleman and his wife, Laurie, live in the Crocus Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. Graffiti left on the outside of their garage reads: “U R A criminal resign or else”; “Scum,” which is written three times; and “Psalm 2.”

Coleman is a former mayor of St. Paul, and has lived in the home on a residential street near the Victoria’s Crossing shopping area for almost 20 years.

Police spokesman Peter Panos said the graffiti was reported Wednesday morning. Police were canvassing the neighborhood for clues, and Panos said he expected increased patrols around the Coleman home.

“We’re considering it a threat to the senator,” Panos said, adding that three other Republican members of Congress — Reps. John Kline, Michele Bachmann and Jim Ramstad — were targeted with similar vandalism that police think might be related.

Hope, change, and calling people with whom you disagree “scum”.

Then take these photos of a business-owner in Minnesota who had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on his van, this is how it ended up after Barack Obama supporters got a hold of it and left their calling card, in the form of Obama/Biden signs and spray paint on his personal property:

His wife’s Volvo was also targeted in the same driveway by thoughtful and caring Barack Obama supporters:

I feel the love, don’t you?

4. Hollywood Hatred

Aside from your average hateful Barack Obama supporter expressing their thought that Sarah Palin should have been aborted, you have the Hollywood fools acting as if their opinions matter.

Stay classy, Hollywood.

Right, because Matt Damon has faced down so many foreign leaders. Perhaps he is mistaking “The Bourne Identity” with his real life which consists of repeating the lines people feed him.

Of course, at the end there you get a good view of what those anti-Palin t-shirts said which were worn to a Barack Obama rally by tolerant Barack Obama supporters. They’re so loving and tolerant of Republicans that they believe “Sarah Palin is a cu**,” and wanted everyone else to know at the Barack Obama rally they attended. Can you imagine if Republicans wore clothing with a similar phrase on it? It would be front page New York Times for a week.

5. YouTube self-made “F*** Palin” videos

Just search YouTube for anything derogatory surrounding Sarah Palin and you will find dozens, probably hundreds of Barack Obama supporters swearing and ranting about how they believe Sarah Palin is “retarded” or needs to “suck it” from them. That’s putting it mild since many of them are obscene and sexual in nature. It’s really disgusting to watch these Barack Obama supporters descend into these filthy depths.

Here is an example, a very mild one at that, of what I’m speaking about:


His intelligent ranting has won me over, I’m now voting for Obama, NOT!

Here’s your loving, Barack Obama supporter saying “Sarah Palin needs to get smacked in the fu***** face” with something. See the tolerance? He showed his tolerance when he said “Palin is retarded,” it went by quick at the end in case you missed his love, hope, and change.

Finally, just as an illustration of the tolerance espoused by Barack Obama supporters, here’s a video made by a group of McCain supporters who dared march in Manhattan. Witness the love and tolerance displayed by countless Barack Obama supporters as they flip them the finger, scream obscenities, equate them to Nazis, and tell them to leave because their free speech isn’t welcome there:

So tolerant, so love-filled. Barack Obama supporters are so tolerant, so open-minded that they won’t even allow opposing views to be expressed without shouting them down and calling them Nazis.

Stay classy, Barack Obama supporters while you say Sarah Palin should be “stoned” and/or “aborted”.

It is really sad that in our country a major party like the Democrats and Barack Obama supporters would not want everyone of all groups, including conservatives, to enjoy what they have to offer. Why would Barack Obama supporters embrace hate-filled rhetoric against everyone who opposes their views, instead of making a stand against it? The answer, of course, is because in the eyes of Barack Obama supporters, free speech is only acceptable when it is praising Obama, not McCain.

So, the next time you hear that it is McCain supporters espousing hatred because they dare question The One’s policies, remember, liberal Barack Obama supporters are full of hope, change, and most of all, love. They express these emotions by wishing death on anyone and everyone who opposes them.

Hope and change my friends, and Sarah Palin should be aborted according to Barack Obama supporters in their own words, proudly displayed to the world.

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