Colin Powell endorses Obama for Pres (Video Added)

For days the rumors have been swirling that former Secretary of State for President Bush, Colin Powell, might be endorsing Barack Obama on his Meet the Press appearance this weekend. Well the time has come early and he has officially endorsed Obama, so what does this mean for the race?

Powell hasn’t has much sway with Republicans for years now, seeming to split with the Bush administration in recent years, however, does Colin Powell have pull with independent voters? I’m not really certain since Powell was an Iraq war architect, arguably one of the most adamant voices making a case for the war.

Video from Meet the Press of Powell making the endorsement:

Seems to me that Powell went out of his way to defend Obama over Bill Ayers and rumors about Obama’s connection to Islam, a bit more than just a simple endorsement. It also seemed to be more of a repudiation of McCain’s prosecution of the campaign, Gov. Sarah Palin, and conservatism in the Republican Party than an endorsement of Obama’s policies, or so I saw as I watched. Powell praised Obama as a “transformative figure” but did not go into detail about policy or much else with regard to whether he agrees with Obama on policy.

Furthermore, how does Powell square his support for the Iraq war with Obama’s criticism? I will have the full interview up soon, perhaps he elaborates.

Report from the AP:

WASHINGTON – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president, describing the Illinois senator as a “transformational figure.”

Powell says both Obama and Republican John McCain are qualified to be commander in chief. But, in an interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he said Obama is better suited to handle the nation’s economic problems as well as help improve it’s standing in the world.

Powell expressed disappointment in the negative tone of McCain’s campaign, as well as in his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Powell says he does not believe Palin is ready to take over as president, if necessary.

Stay tuned for updates..