Mentally challenged man says his vote was stolen (Update)

This is quite a disturbing story coming out of Albany, Georgia where a mentally handicapped patient was taken to vote and claims the person helping in the voting booth told him who to vote for, and even pulled the lever for him against his will.

This should concern any voter since, as you can imagine, if this happens where someone assisting a mentally challenged person steals their vote for Obama, they could just as easily steal a vote for McCain.

Video report from local Albany, Georgia on WALB:

The story from

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – There are allegations of voter fraud, as a Dougherty County family claims the vote of a mentally challenged relative was stolen.

They say the adult day rehab program where Jack Justice attends took him to vote, without the family’s permission. What’s worse is Justice says the person helping him wouldn’t cast the ballot for his choice for President.

Jack Justice has been voting since he turned 18. Typically his family takes him to their neighborhood precinct. This time Primus Industries, his adult day rehab program, took him to vote. His family was shocked, but what shocked them more was that Jack claims that his aide commandeered his vote.

“They told me to vote for Obama, I said no I wanted to vote for McCain,” said Jack Justice, a voter.

Jack Justice says the person helping him, selected Obama’s name. His sister says the family is often asked to sign a permission slips for trips, but for this they were never notified.

“No permission slips, no nothing, he just came home and said he had gone,” said Nancy Justice, Jack’s sister.

We questioned election officials about the procedure, who say they recall the group coming in to vote and an aide was helping the individuals, but they must sign an oath that they’ll cast the ballot however the voter prefers.

“So it plainly says the person should tell the person how they want to vote and then they help them mark it,” said Carolyn Hatcher, Dougherty County Elections Supervisor.

Election officials say they can’t follow people into the booth to see what happens. We contacted the Albany Area Community Service Board who oversees Primus Industries. They say they do their best to protect the safety, treatment, and care of the individuals in their programs. They also said they’ll look into the allegations and conduct an internal investigation if necessary. Nancy Justice is just upset the incident happened.

“For me it was kind of pushing it to the limit there to get him to vote for someone in particular who they wanted him to vote for,” said Nancy Justice.

Election officials say the family’s only option is to file a challenge to the election results. The Justice’s are considering their options.

Advance voting will begin this Monday at the Riverfront Resource Center on Pine Avenue. Advance voted will run through October 31st. No one will be able to vote the Monday prior to election day.

The votes of the mentally challenged should never be commandeered like this, in favor of any candidate. The person helping Jack should be ashamed of their actions. Nothing prevents this really from happening on either side which is why I thought it should be brought to light.

Just let people vote honestly, it’s not that hard, it’s democracy in action.


An update about the investigation from

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – State election officials are launching their own investigation into the handling of a mentally challenged man’s vote.

Secretary of State Karen Handle’s office contacted WALB Thursday to tell us they asked the Office of Inspector General to investigate Jack Justice’s voting experience.

Wednesday, the Albany Area Community Service Board which oversees Primus Industries said they will bring in an external agency to investigate allegations made by Justice.

He told his family that an aide from Primus took him and five other mentally challenged clients to vote and forced them to vote for Barack Obama.

Justice says he told the aide he wanted to vote for John McCain, but was overridden.

Election officials say if that happened, the aide will face criminal charges.

Let’s hope some justice can be found here.

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