“Joe the Plumber” makes the media rounds today (Update)

Ever heard of overnight fame? This is the very definition as Joe Wurzelbacher has now become a serious player in this presidential race, who knew? Both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain spoke directly to Joe in last night’s debate and his conversation he had with Obama at a campaign event has become the topic of discussion.

Here, by popular demand, is a few clips from Joe’s morning media appearances following last night’s debate.

ABC’s Good Morning America, Joe with Diane Sawyer:

Report with local media, with interview footage, from NBC’s Today Show:

Here’s Joe on the phone with Katie Couric following the debate:

Finally, Joe was also on John Gibson’s radio show Wednesday just before the debate:

Joe has made the rounds, but will his encounter matter in the minds of voters, will he help or hurt McCain/Obama?


Interview with Joe on MSNBC:

“Joe the Biden” takes on “Joe the Plumber” on Good Morning America:

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