The Obama Welfare Nation – Belly up to the Bar

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So here we are, three weeks out from electing the next President, and it’s still all about the economy. Barack Obama is still leading in the polls – for whatever that’s worth – and the mainstream media is by and large writing John McCain off. Again. And declaring Obama the new President.

So if it really is the economy, and Obama’s really won, let’s take a look at our new economy. Obama says he’ll rebuild the economy from the bottom up – he’ll need to, because the middle just fell down – there’s a lot of us down here now. Take a look at the AP report out over the weekend. Queen Pelosi has announced that she’s contemplating calling Congress – House Democrats to be specific – back into session to begin to implement Obama’s economic “stimulus” plans. They’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire, which will raise 100% of taxes for all of us. Then they’ll give a tax cut back to 40% of Americans who don’t pay any taxes to begin with.

According to the AP on Sunday, the package will likely contain an additional 13 weeks of jobless benefits in states with the highest unemployment, at a cost of $6 billion dollars. (If you don’t live in one of those states, you’d better move there if you want this benefit – otherwise, you are about to be discriminated against on the basis of geography.)

Another $14.7 billion will go to help states cover Medicaid costs, which generally rises with unemployment. Medicaid is the low income welfare program that provides blanket health care benefits. And then there’s money for more food stamps, another welfare program.

Nothing in these plans will benefit the middle class. Let’s not mince words here. They’re all for the welfare class. Obama dresses up his welfare plan and calls it the answer to the middle class woes. He dresses up income redistribution and calls it the “patriotic” thing to do. What Obama’s economic plan really is is a government run “Welfare Nation”, and there is a large sector of this country that would love nothing better.

Obama’s new “stimulus” plan includes billions in loans to small businesses, he says. We, as small business owners, would certainly need a loan because a large black hole is about to open up and swallow us. Obama will fine us if we are not able to furnish our employees and their families with health insurance, it doesn’t matter that we can’t even afford our own anymore. We will pay more employer taxes for the employees we are able to keep, and we will pay more income taxes if we dare have a good year of sales, which we won’t, because the retail economy is in the tank. Some small businesses will perhaps accept Obama’s loans, and sink further into the black abyss; many of us will close our doors.

We’re tired of struggling. We’re tired of trying to make something of ourselves and we’re tired of contributing to an government intent on punishing us for our efforts. So we close our doors. But not to worry. For those employees that we will no longer employ, you will qualify for extended unemployment, welfare checks, Medicaid, and food stamps – not to mention you’ll get a nice rebate check in April. You’ll get all this because there will be no new jobs available, but hey, kick back and enjoy it. Why work when you can let the government pay your way.

Our landlord of 25 years depends on that nice chunk of income from us every month to live on, and he depends on us to cover the high property tax on his commercial property, along with all insurance. The property will now sit, running down, until the government seizes it for nonpayment of the taxes, because he won’t be able to lease the property. He’ll be rid of the burden, though, and he can get in line with the rest of us. He’ll be better off, too.

Our vendors will certainly be hurt, but again, who cares. We’ll save them a place in line at the Welfare office. We’ll have a party while we’re waiting to sign up for all the new goodies we’ll get under an Obama administration. And we certainly will get them – because we lost half our life savings last week in the stock market, and we’ll probably see the rest of it go this week. Once we’re on the welfare rolls, I’ll be relieved of the burden of rebuilding a retirement fund with not enough years left to recoup what we’ve lost. And how much stress with that relieve!

Never mind that John McCain would have done what is truly best for the middle class and small businesses – which drives this nation’s economy. He wouldn’t allow us to live in a Welfare Nation, but isn’t that where we all want to be? We must, we’re putting Obama in the White House, aren’t we?

So welcome to the New America, The Welfare Nation – come one, come all. Oh yes, we ARE the ones you’ve been waiting for, America. We are the tired, hard working, and disgusted sector of this country that has broken our backs for decades to carry the rest of the country who only wanted a hand out – we are the ones that, up until now, would rather be in Hell with our backs broke than to give up on our country. But here we are – near to being broken and defeated by Barack Obama and his cronies – Pelosi, Franks, ACORN, all of them. Including you – the people who have bought into the hope and change mantra of a party who wants to punish us simply because we’ve had the audacity to succeed. Congratulations, you’ve used us up. You can’t rebuild the economy from the bottom up when everyone’s on the bottom. Too bad no one cared enough to keep the middle in the middle so that we could keep holding up the bottom.

Oh. Wait. McCain did.

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