Sunday battleground discussions, plus Axelrod & Davis

Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod and McCain campaign manager Rick Davis were on Fox News Sunday earlier today discussing the campaign and defending their respective candidate. I’ve also added further discussions of the battleground states from Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer.

Part 1 of Axelrod & Davis:

Part 2 of Axelrod & Davis:

Report from Fox News on their appearance:

Batting around accusations of lies, blind ambition and poor judgment, the two top advisers to John McCain and Barack Obama got into a verbal sparring match Sunday over which campaign is using the harshest tactics and meanest accusations to scare voters.

Appearing simultaneously on “FOX News Sunday, Obama’s chief adviser David Axelrod and McCain campaign manager Rick Davis took the gloves off before accusing each other of landing the lowest blows this election season.

Axelrod hit the McCain team on the increasingly agitated rhetoric coming from voters attending McCain rallies. In recent days, several people at rallies for McCain and Sarah Palin have accused Obama of being a terrorist because he is friendly with Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers. Axelrod said the Republican presidential candidate has to be responsible for stirring up anger among voters.

“When you stand up and you say someone’s been palling around with terrorists, they don’t see America the way we see it, you don’t really know who he is, and so on, and people start yelling, ‘Kill him, bomb him, off with his head,’ that is not where we want to take politics in this country,” Axelrod said. “There are parameters, and those parameters have been crossed. Now, we give Senator McCain credit for, at the end of the week, taking on a couple of these comments in his appearances. But the ads are continuing to drive this. And you know, you have to take responsibility.”

Davis responded that he did not think the hostile remarks are appropriate either but said it’s not McCain who is enabling those remarks. He also blasted Obama for not condemning Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who on Saturday compared the McCain rallies to segregationist George Wallace back in the 1960s.

Part 1 of the Face The Nation battleground discussion:

Part 2 of the Face The Nation battleground discussion:

This is really coming down the wire in some of these states, it will be interesting to watch how this plays out. Virginia, especially near and dear as I’m a resident, hasn’t gone blue sine 1964 yet it may now go either way.


I found this fun video of Harry Smith and the senior editor of the New Republic playing with some big puzzle pieces and discussing the swing states:

So Harry Smith is predicting that by 7 or 8pm eastern time on election night, we’d know who won based on those three states.