Video: Bill and Hillary Clinton campaign with Biden

Campaigning in Pennsylvania, Bill and Hillary Clinton joined Sen. Joe Biden in support of Barack Obama at a campaign rally. This marks the beginning of the active campaigning by both the Clintons for Sen. Obama during the general election.

Video from the Associated Press:

Report from MyWay:

WASHINGTON (AP) – When Bill and Hillary Clinton take the stage Sunday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, it will be the launch of an active campaign for their former nemesis Barack Obama in the home stretch of the 2008 presidential race.

The nation’s best known and most powerful Democrats for nearly two decades, the former first couple is getting used to a new role: cheerleaders for Obama, who vanquished Hillary Clinton last spring in a Democratic primary contest for the ages.

Whatever recriminations the Clintons may still harbor from that long battle seem to have been nudged aside as they campaign in earnest for the Democratic ticket.

The New York senator and the former president will appear with Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, at a rally Sunday in Scranton, a working class town that has assumed something of an outsize role in the presidential race.

Biden was born in Scranton and lived there for several years as a child, while Hillary Clinton’s father grew up in the town and is buried there. Both Biden and Clinton have emphasized their Scranton roots to illustrate their connection to blue collar voters.

After the rally, the Clintons will follow separate itineraries through presidential battleground states. They will also campaign on behalf of Democratic House and Senate candidates across the country.

The Clintons will continue campaigning for Obama in various battleground states during the next few weeks. Putting Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania is a good strategy for Obama considering she won the state from him during the primary season.