Inmates Running the Asylum With Our Checkbooks!

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Today the House finished passing the Senate’s version of the bailout bill worth roughly $700 billion. Or did they? In actuality, the bill will run taxpayers more than $850 BILLION since it’s full of unnecessary pork barrel spending and earmarks. The thing that drives me crazy over this vote is that you and I, Republican and Democrat, vote these politicians into office to speak for us, their constituents, the taxpayers.

Now they have looked us straight in eye and said “Sucker!” This after the American people inundated congress with emails and phone calls expressing anger and disgust against this bailout plan. We elect these people to represent us, the American people. Instead, congress with their average approval rating of 17.8%, or lower depending on the source, did their own thing which will simply lower their approval rating even more. In fact, they’re 10 points lower President Bush, you do the math there. Estimates now say congress will fall to near 10% approval rating following this bailout legislation, can you go much lower than that?

Next question, if these people don’t listen to us, why are they there? If we as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents opposed socializing part of the economic system, why did congress ignore us? Our own representative here in Northern Virginia voted “Yea” on the bailout bill twice. First for the original House version which failed and then “Yea” again on the revised Senate version. This was after days of urging him to do otherwise via email and phone calls. Congressman Wolf is up for reelection, however, I’m no longer inclined to vote for him since I believe he couldn’t care less about what his constituents think, only about going along with the political train conducted by the failing Nancy Pelosi, with her approval rating in the teens, again lower than Bush’s if you’re keeping score.

Look what happened today, let’s review for anyone who missed the insanity. We were told that the bailout bill had to be passed so Wall Street could breathe again and stocks would go back up. Instead, as the bailout bill was passed by the House, stocks took a dive and all ended considerably lower today following this amazing bailout. What happens now? More bailouts? More checks? Please legislators with your infinite wisdom, please tell me who you bailout now?

The passed version of this bill was full of pork but they better add one more condition, complimentary doses of Prozac for Americans feeling depressed and disgusted with congress in general.

Some politicians, such as John McCain, are trying to rename this a “rescue” plan to get away from the word “bailout.” Please, don’t buy the propaganda, this is nothing but a bailout plan for people who don’t deserve a bailout and never did.

So how does this happen? How do these people get in office, gain power, and then ignore their constituents? It’s simple really, we keep electing the same ones over and over again. These politicians, including Republicans and Democrats, Obama and McCain, all thought Americans were not competent enough and did not know enough to support the bailout. As a result, they overrode our say, sometimes 20 to 1 against this bailout, because we Americans are apparently too dumb to understand it all.

I can’t think of better retribution for these politicians other than to find them a new line of work and send them packing. They’ll be shocked working outside the beltway when they only get paid for actually showing up to work and they have to do what their boss tells them. As of now, the American taxpayer is their boss and they could give a rip.

Now for some education. Watch this entire 10 minute YouTube video and be enlightened:

Failed liberal policies of the 90s are to blame for this mess and now we’re being lectured by Obama? Please.

Judge Andrew Napolitano on his radio show, from September 19th, summed up this bailout nonsense with the most eloquent and accurate description I’ve heard thus far. Listen to this clip, it is one of the best you will ever hear concerning this bailout and it applies to both Republicans and Democrats:

How can you argue with Judge Napolitano? Congress has overstepped it’s constitutional authority once again and we the American people are paying the price. What’s more, we have two major presidential candidates who both support the bailout and are both on the same page, against the American people. John McCain and Barack Obama are both fighting over who get’s the most credit for stealing part of our capitalist society and socializing it, this is an amazing milestone we’ve reached.

This was me earlier today, I feel Cody’s pain:

I’ll let the great Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network wrap this up for me since he is speaking my mind here:

God save America from the crisis being imposed on us by congress and their incompetence.

At this point, I’m voting for McCain based on the fact that Sarah Palin is one heartbeat away from the Presidency and I believe McCain will actually keep America safe from terrorism. Plus, Obama’s corruption, lies, and scandals make McCain’s shortcomings look non-existent.

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