You Decide 2008 featured in major press release

Just taking this opportunity to pat ourselves on the back for an apparent job well done. I was contacted by our hosting company last week and asked if I wouldn’t mind the site being featured in a press release about the 2008 Presidential Election and websites like this one leveraging the power they provide as a web host.

Above all though, the site wouldn’t be this big without you, the reader. So thank you to all the regulars who’ve been here for over a year participating in the discussion. Also, thank you to the newcomers as of late who have grown our community to include more perspectives and discussion on the 2008 election. Everyone is welcome here with all points of view, it is the bedrock of our success thus far.

As some of you may know, last Friday we experienced some hours of downtime. The reason for the issues were mostly some errors in the wordpress code which were multiplied by thousands with expanding traffic. Those issues have been resolved on our side and Mosso has us on a powerful server cluster to handle increased traffic. We’re set from now on for the ever-increasing growth.

Here’s the text of the press release from Business Wire:

Mosso Powers Popular Site for 2008 US Presidential Race

Rackspace’s Cloud Computing Division Helps Political Sites Scale to Meet Traffic Spikes with Hosted Computing Power

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mosso®, Rackspace® Hosting’s (NYSE: RAX) Cloud Computing division, has emerged as an important industry resource supporting the online dialogue generated by the 2008 presidential election. Operators of high traffic political websites have discovered how scalable, on-demand hosting provided by Mosso’s flagship offering, The Hosting Cloud™, is well suited to support their sites and backend applications which are subject to unpredictable demand increases during the election season. Currently home to numerous election-oriented websites, including a presidential candidate and political national committee, Mosso also provides the hosted computing power for, a bi-partisan website and blog supporting lively discussions and information about this year’s election, which experiences great spikes in demand.

In January 2008, information was posted about the presidential debates on, resulting in an increase from 25,000 visitors to more than 300,000 – in one day. When a shared hosting provider was not able to scale to support the spike and the site crashed, the site was migrated to Mosso’s The Hosting Cloud.

“Since making the switch, Mosso has helped stay up and running with usage numbers spiking more than 600 percent during pivotal points of this year’s election,” said Nathan Ashworth, founder. “They’ve given us the freedom to grow and not be punished by our own success. Additionally, their customer service has been phenomenal – it really feels like our business matters to them.” was created by political information junkie and IT industry professional Nathan Ashworth. Since 2006, he has been populating the site with commentary, speeches, surveys, video, general information and news from both the Republican and Democratic parties.’s growth demanded a solution that would scale seamlessly without compromising speed or end-user experience in any way. Mosso’s The Hosting Cloud provides cost-effective clustered processing, load-balancing, and redundant storage specifically designed to support high performance sites subject to frequent and unexpected traffic surges.

Nathan’s sentiments are echoed in a recently published review by Bitsource, a blog that promotes and evangelizes various trends, opinions, and practical use cases in the technology and enterprise computing community.

“Mosso’s cloud scales extremely well and with absolutely no user intervention, which allows it to claim the title of a true cloud computing platform,” said Matthew Sachs, systems administrator and owner of Bitsource.

“ shows exactly why Bitsource rated us so highly and why flexibility is needed in this sort of landscape. As this election year continues to unfold, there will be millions of people looking to the Internet for information—especially as we get closer to November 4th,” said Jonathan Bryce, Mosso co-founder. “Our core strength is the ability to quickly scale and adapt to changing circumstances, including huge traffic surges as visitors hit these popular sites looking for up-to-the-minute information on the elections. It also explains why customers are counting on Mosso to host important sites such as those related to the presidential race.”

About Mosso

Mosso® is the home of The Hosting Cloud™ and CloudFS™, providing enterprise-grade hosting and storage services. Mosso provides an easily managed interface so that developers, designers and IT managers can deploy reliable web applications quickly and easily as well as a high performance cloud-based storage service. Founded by two Rackspace employees, The Hosting Cloud is built upon a cross platform, clustered-computing architecture. For more information, visit or call 1-877-934-0409.

About Rackspace Hosting

As the world’s leader and specialist in hosting, Rackspace Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing-as-a-service, integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and affordable. A trusted partner to companies of all sizes, Rackspace enables IT departments to be more effective. Rackspace is distinguished by its award-winning Fanatical Support®, furthering the company’s mission to be one of the world’s greatest service companies. Rackspace is recognized as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best companies to work for, ranking number 32 on the 2008 list. Rackspace’s portfolio of hosted IT services includes managed hosting (, email hosting ( and cloud hosting ( For more information on Rackspace Hosting please visit or call 800-961-2888.

Other outlets are picking up the press release as well I’ve noticed.

So congratulations to us!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming as I’m done with the grandstanding… carry on!