Video: O’Reilly rips McCain’s and Obama’s spanish ads

Love him or hate him, Bill is correct on this issue and I’ve been thinking this way for days. Obama and McCain have both put out Spanish-language ads attacking each other on immigration and amnesty legislation, however, the ads have some inherently dishonest statements coming from both campaigns.

I agree with the sentiment here, why the need for dishonesty in an era when the dishonesty will be exposed? It reflects poorly on both campaigns to resort to distortion in ads, and they’re both guilty on other occasions as well.

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An Obama TV ad tells Spanish-speaking viewers that McCain is “friends” with Rush Limbaugh, and quotes the radio host as calling Mexicans “stupid and unqualified” and telling them to “shut up or get out.” The ad is doubly misleading. Limbaugh has until recently disparaged McCain repeatedly to his audience. And Limbaugh says his words are ripped out of context and twisted in the ad. In any case they don’t represent McCain’s position.

A McCain ad, in turn, blames “Obama and his Congressional allies” for blocking an immigration bill that McCain co-sponsored. But it was a Republican-led filibuster that sunk the bill in the Senate, and McCain said afterward that “A lot of the Republican base was passionate about the issue, and they made their influence felt.”

Sound off, what do you think on this issue?