Biden wants to “take money” from “patriotic” taxpayers

Call it honesty or a gaffe, either one, but today Sen. Joe Biden stated that he and Senator Obama want to “take money” and redistribute it to the middle class. To clarify his remarks, Biden said that paying these higher taxes is “patriotic” and that the wealthy need to get in the game, so to speak.

The video of Biden’s remarks:

Story from MSNBC of Biden defending his statement:

AKRON, Ohio — Fired up in a room full of union members, Joe Biden angrily defended both his ticket’s tax plan and his own claim that tax hikes for the rich are patriotic, while urging fellow Democrats to stand their ground on what he said was a values debate.

Biden, speaking to members of the Laborers International Union of North America, began by saying that there is “no disagreement” between John McCain and Barack Obama on the need for tax cuts. The real issue, he said, is who gets them.

“Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most,” he said. “Now it’d be different if you could make the case to me that by giving this tax cut to the very wealthy, everybody else was going to be better off. We saw what happened the last eight years when we gave that tax cut.”

He then explained his statement, first made at a rally in Sarasota, FL, two weeks ago, that asking the wealthiest Americans to accept tax hikes would be patriotic. And he added that the tax rates would still be lower than they were under the Reagan administration.

For me personally, I get a little concerned when a politician from any party wants to “take money” from me or anyone else. Why do politicians think they have a right to hard-earned money? Aren’t they claiming people can’t make enough of it?

Sen. Biden says he’s speaking of people making $250k or more, which scares me. It’s as if your success gives the government the right to “take” your money and give it to someone else. I don’t make $250k a year or anything near it, however, I don’t want the government taking money from someone who does, it’s that simple.

Say what you will but this was not a good position for Biden to admit.