Video: Sarah Palin’s full hour with ABC’s Charlie Gibson

Tonight ABC aired the entire hour long special on Gov. Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson over the past two days. The hour includes the full interviews and other background information about the governor. This is pertinent since it is the first national interview Palin has granted since becoming McCain’s VP.

The time with Palin on the broadcast was somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes out of the hour. Here is the entire portion with Palin in 4 parts from YouTube:

Not the relaxed, overly confident Sarah that people were introduced to over a week ago. She seemed a bit too rehearsed, perhaps. Overall I believe her first national interview played out well for her and the McCain campaign.

There are points, such as differences with Bush on the economy, where the Obama campaign will take the opportunity to produce some ads I’m sure. We’ll report more on Saturday as it filters out. It was quite something to hear her say that she thinks Obama might regret not choosing Hillary as his VP.

Sound off below.. did she help or hurt McCain? Did she help or hurt Obama?


Read the unedited, uncut transcript here. After reading it, many of her answers were cut short by ABC and the most pertinent information in them seems to have been chopped. Give it a read if you’re interested..