Obama looks to regain ground, go back on the offense

After a couple weeks of something resembling a “Palin-mania,” the Obama campaign has been faltering a little with getting back on message and successfully taking the fight back to John McCain.

A video report from CBS News:

Another report from Yahoo News:

DOVER, N.H. – Belittling John McCain as a relic of the disco age, Democrat Barack Obama pushed his campaign Friday to a new level of counter-punching “on the issues that matter” and directed his running mate to be tougher on their Republican opponents.

The changes come as national polls find McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, pulling ahead of Obama and Joe Biden, prompting some jittery Democrats to implore them to fight back harder, and Obama’s camp to pledge “speed and ferocity” in that effort.

“You know, I’m not going to be making up lies about John McCain,” Obama told undecided voters in Dover. But he dipped into history, citing the oft-repeated phrase: “If you don’t stop lying about me, I’m going to have to start telling the truth about you.”

“That’s what we’re going to do,” Obama said.

Dover resident Glenn Grasso asked Obama, “when and how are you going to start fighting back against attack ads and the smear campaigns?”

“Our ads have been pretty tough,” Obama replied. “I’m going to respond with the truth.”

Obama has called Palin a “phenomenon” and acknowledged she’s given her ticket a boost. But his aides say McCain is vulnerable to new criticisms because he has stretched the truth in recent comments and ads, and because Palin was shaky on foreign policy in an ABC News interview.

“Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement Friday. “We will respond with speed and ferocity to John McCain’s attacks and we will take the fight to him, but we will do it on the big issues that matter to the American people.”

In truth, I’m guessing this campaign will settle back down in the coming weeks and become more issue-oriented. In fact, the first debate coming up on the 26th will most certainly turn the campaign back into McCain vs. Obama instead of Palin vs. the media.

I think what happened here was a public which may have been rather tired of this campaign which has lasted since January of 2007. Obama was, and still is, a major source of energy for the campaign, however, everything was jolted when Palin was tossed into the mix. There is time remaining which will determine the result, not the past two weeks.

That being said, McCain must be pleased with where things presently sit. Of course, the debates will probably be what swings this campaign one way or another.