September 11th, 2001: Remembering those we lost

It was seven short years ago today that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were brutally attacked by radical Islam. This post serves as respect and remembrance for those we lost and those who were part of the rescue effort still fighting illness relating to it.

President Bush observes a moment of silence in remembrance from the south lawn of the White House:

Report from the Today Show:

New York City begins with a moment of silence:

A very good, lengthy report from ABC News on all the ceremonies today:

Video from the Pentagon memorial today:

Honoring Flight 93 in Pennsylvania:

I don’t think I’ve ever given my personal recollection on this site. I was living in Columbus, Ohio at the time for college. It was around 9:30am when my alarm turned on my radio to the Howard Stern show, of all things. For the brief seconds it was on before I hit the “snooze” button to continue sleeping, I heard someone say “..entire world trade center building 1 just completely gone.. wow.. oh my god…” I hit the snooze button until it actually registered in my still sleeping head what was just said.

I rushed to the living room area to turn on our terribly old TV which took 15 minutes to warm up before you could see a picture. All I could listen to for a time was the audio of the devastation being described. Getting on an internet news site was a joke as they were all being hammered. I just sat there with a couple of roommates. I was the only one in the room who had ever been to New York City and stood on top of those towers several times. The roommates were both native to Ohio and had never been, they couldn’t grasp just large of an impact this would have.

Eventually, some minutes later, we watched in horror as the second tower collapsed and we were speechless watching the devastation unfold. I remember hearing a TV reporter say something like, “now this seems deliberate folks, this does not appear to be an accident.” I was think at the time, could you state anything more obvious, but so goes it. We were so angry watching it happen, feeling completely helpless at the time sitting there.

Went to class that afternoon which was canceled as our professor, who was a national guardsmen, never showed as he was apparantly activated or something at the time. Grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the apartment to continue watching the coverage and mourn the loss. Recalling that day now seems almost surreal as if it was a dream, however, every time I look at the skyline of the city I know it was reality.

My sister living near Washington, DC could see the smoke from the Pentagon’s fire from her window. Seems too close for comfort now. Eventually I would hear stories of friends or relatives who had distant cousins or other friends who were killed in one of the towers, that hit even closer to home.

In this line of remembrance, some New Yorkers fear that the country is forgetting:

That’s my story for the day… leave yours below and share if you see fit.. please, be respectful.

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Check out the History Channel’s 102 Minutes that Changed America featuring video amateur video from all perspectives of New York City on 9/11. Warning, the video is explicit and unedited but it is indeed the truth of what happened that day.