Update: Obama, “Lipstick on a pig” outrage is “phony”

After a tumultuous couple days in the media, Barack Obama has come out swinging against the notion that he was calling Sarah Palin a pig in this clip from the campaign trail. More of a misplaced joke than anything, however, here’s a report on it all from the Associated Press so you can decide on the issue:

From the Associated Press, here is Obama’s comments, the ad McCain released, and Obama’s response to the response:

I will give Obama the benefit of the doubt, I don’t believe he was intentionally speaking of Sarah Palin. However, with the continued mention of “lipstick” and such with her speech, that is the association in everyone’s mind. To me this simply looks like a poorly delivered joke which should have gone unsaid. I’m sure it was not in the script as anyone thinking about it for a minute would have realized it wouldn’t be taken properly.

What do you think? Was he or wasn’t he speaking of Palin?

Update by Michael on September 12, 2008:

Here is some interesting footage collected and shown by The View on the Lip Stick remarks. It more or less backs up Nate’s diagnosis. Women’s issues are going to become increasingly important as the race progresses and we are probably going to see more political commentary by shows such as The View.