Pakistan Using U.S Money to Protect The Taliban/Bin Ladin

Okay this should get you angry. What if I told you that the people who were DIRECTLY responsible for 9/11 have a safe and cozy place to plot terrorist attacks and our money is paying for it. I’m not talking about some of the logic that has been used to link terror like: someone’s wife’s uncle’s cousin’s sister roommate overheard a conversation about selling a piece of aluminum tubing to a Hamas limo driver who hates Israel, therefore, since Israel is our ally we should kill this person nonsense. I’m talking about the Taliban in Pakistan.

They are protected by the Pakistan government with our billions of dollars in anti terrorism aid and the ….U.S.A…..knows about it.

According to the BBC News, on September 5, 2008:

The agreement brokered by a grand council (jirga) of tribal elders in North Waziristan comes five years after Pakistani troops went after Taleban and al-Qaeda elements on the Afghan border.

Senior army officers and militants hugged and congratulated each other after signing the agreement at a college football ground in Miranshah, the main town in the North Waziristan region.

Details of the deal signed by the two sides were given in a brief speech by local MP Haji Nek Zaman, a member of the council of elders which was authorised to negotiate on behalf of the Pakistani government.

Under the accord, the Pakistani military promises to end major operations in the area.

The Pakistani government signed a peace treaty with the Taliban, you know, that area at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan where the Taliban keeps coming over and killing U.S troops and allies? You know, the same area where Osama Bin Laden is believed to have escaped to and is still hiding at? That area is protected by the Pakistani government.

Want proof that their government is involved? Bronwell Roberts of the AFP (Agence France-Presse), reported on August 10, 2008:

Pakistan’s intelligence agency is helping the Taliban to pursue an insurgency in Afghanistan that has seen a 50 percent hike in attacks in some areas this year, the NATO commander here told AFP.

This is the Pakistani intelligence agency, you know, the branch of the government that should be helping the United States gather intelligence on the Taliban? Well they are using our money to attack us!

Want to know how much money it is? Around 5 billion dollars or more being used on conventional weapons best suited against India when it is supposed to be for anti terrorism. So while these guys are assisting the people responsible for 9/11 they are using U.S money to strengthen their own military for their own agendas. Which is almost natural. Why should they care about what may happen to use all the way over here? When their tensions are with their neighbor, India?

Now let me put some more things together for you. The Taliban broke into an Afghan prison in the Kandahar province, helping other Taliban prisoners escape. And, according to CNN on June 14, 2008:

Militants attacked a main prison in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province Friday night, blowing its entrance open and allowing a large number of inmates to escape, provincial authorities said.

The militants used suicide truck bombs loaded with about two tons of explosives to blast holes in the mud brick walls of the Soviet-era prison, a Taliban spokesman said.

A gun and rocket battle between the militants and prison guards lasted several hours and ended with dozens of militants rushing inside on motorcycles to free all prisoners inside — including about 400 Taliban fighters, the Taliban spokesman said.

Sounds pretty scary doesn’t it? Especially knowing that the Pakistani intelligence is involved. The Pakistani government also assisted with the bombing of the Indian embassy in Afghanistan.

Job Warrick of the Washington Post reported on August 1, 2008:

U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that elements of Pakistan’s military intelligence service provided logistical support to militants who staged last month’s deadly car bombing at the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital, U.S. officials familiar with the evidence said yesterday.

Now after all of this the Afghan president grew bigger balls than us! He is sick of them coming over the border and attacking his country and then running back to their save haven in Pakistan. He is threatening to send troops over the border to attack. On June 15, 2008, the BBC reported that:

He said that when militants crossed over from Pakistan to kill Afghans and coalition troops, his nation had the right to retaliate in “self-defence”. Mr Karzai’s remarks came two days after Taleban fighters attacked an Afghan jail, freeing hundreds of prisoners. Pakistan warned it would not tolerate outside interference in its affairs.

Following this, Barack Obama announced,
“If we have actual intelligence on Al Qeida operatives including Bin Laden and President Musharif cannot act, then we should.”

Obama got attacked by EVERYONE from the left and the right. Sen. Clinton misrepresented his argument by saying that he wants to Bomb Pakistan. His response to her in one of the primary debates was,

With respect to Pakistan I never said I would bomb Pakistan.What I said was that if we have actionable intelligence against Osama Bin Laden or other key Al Qaeda officials and we and Pakistan is unwilling or unable to strike against them, we should. And just several days ago, in fact, this administration did exactly that and took out the third-ranking Al Qaeda official. That is the position we should have taken in the first place.

And it gets better than this. CIA Agent Michael Scheuer who was the head of the search for Osama Bin Laden actually agreed with Glenn Beck’s misrepresentation of the argument.

Rachel Maddow, following in the same vein, declared: Scare us but don’t protect us!

So of all the fear tactics and this war on terror. What good is this war with this type of madness going on? Well it’s good for scaring us that’s for sure. While most of the evidence is months old, the issue is still largely unaddressed by the Bush administration, as well as the McCain campaign.

Looks like Barack Nostradamus Obama strikes again. He brought this up almost 2 years ago and he was just talking about his policy on this on The O’Reily Factor. More importantly, none of his current opponents have even mentioned anything about this. If he brings this up on the campaign trail just like the other things he has been right about, they will try to twist and spin this into something they can take credit for.

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