You Decide: Acceptance speech videos and analysis

Both conventions have come to a conclusion now indicating the final stretch of the campaign season is finally upon us. Just two short months now before voters enter the booths and make a decision.

The conventions illustrated much about each candidate and each party’s platform. Here now, in an unbiased presentation, are each of the 4 acceptance speeches from both the Republican and Democratic candidates.

In the order in which they were delivered:

Delaware Senator Joe Biden accepting Obama’s Vice Presidential nod:

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois formally accepting the Democratic nomination for President:

Next, the Republicans.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepting McCain’s Vice Presidential nod:

Senator John McCain of Arizona formally accepting the Republican nomination for President:

After watching a decent amount of coverage from each convention, it seems to me that they both met their objectives. Obama kept up his campaign image by delivering his speech at Invesco field to a crowd of 80,000. In some respects that hurt him in some circles even though Democrats all loved his speech.

The Republican convention was less glitzy, even comparing the stages.



The RNC stage seemed simple, almost too simple at times when compared to the DNC stage. Then again, that isn’t what matters but so much of these campaigns is about image.

Palin clearly brought some energy to the GOP convention, no doubt about that. McCain won the day with securing conservative voters and energizing his campaign in general.

Obama continued his message of hope and change with the help of Joe Biden adding some foreign policy credentials to his ticket. Biden worked well as Obama’s own pit bull against McCain.

What I did notice was that President Bush was discussed much more at the DNC than the RNC. Bush spoke at the RNC via satellite but it was a real low key affair. In my opinion, McCain did a decent job of creating his own candidacy, away from the Obama campaign’s charges that he will be Bush’s “third term.”

So sound off below, how did the conventions compare?