Obama camp reaches out to Hillary for support

Word today that Hillary Clinton is set to become a McCain “attack dog” while leaving Palin out of the criticism, for the most part. Stories circulating how the Obama campaign has continued to request Hillary’s presence on the campaign now more than ever.

Story from Politico:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has no intention of becoming a Sarah Palin attack dog — but has no qualms going after John McCain, people close to the former first lady say.

“She’s not the answer when it comes to winning conservative women — she never was — and we’re not going to be anybody’s attack dog against Sarah Palin,” said a Clinton insider. “To be fair to Obama’s people, they haven’t asked us to do that.”

Slamming Palin to win back women already hostile to Obama is pointless, the insider said, because Clinton’s most loyal base is working-class voters, not women in particular. “Attacking Palin is checkers, attacking McCain on the economy is chess.”

Clinton will continue to yoke McCain and Palin to President Bush on pocketbook issues. But sources say that Clinton, who supports abortion rights, isn’t likely to criticize the Alaska governor for her anti-abortion stance. She may, however, question Palin’s record on equal-pay issues.

The Obama campaign, alarmed by Palin’s instant popularity, has given Clinton’s staff a proposed fall campaign schedule in economically distressed battleground states — including Ohio and Pennsylvania — where she did well during the primaries, according to people familiar with the situation.

The former first lady, who is due to appear at an Obama event in Florida on Monday, hasn’t gotten back to them yet. When she does, she’s likely to add a few stops of her own — fundraisers, including at least one in Texas to help her repay more than $20 million in debt incurred during the primary.

“They probably don’t want her in Texas, but, hey, that’s where the money is, so that’s where she’s going to go,” said a source familiar with travel planning.

The loser in this scenario seems to be Joe Biden who has become somewhat of a burden for the Obama campaign, with regard to Palin’s success, than an asset. Not that Biden has become old news, not in the least, but more so that the Obama campaign is continuing to tap Hillary Clinton as a means to draw in women voters.

Seems to me everyone was assuming McCain would choose either Romney or Pawlenty which wouldn’t give him the gender advantage. However, since the Palin choice, it seems that the Obama camp is revising it’s strategy.

More to come as it develops…