Hockey Moms, Pit Bulls, and Lipstick

Last March I was invited to write a guest commentary for You Decide 2008. I sent my first commentary to Michael, who titled it “Women and the Maverick”. The first paragraph read:

“Women are the newest kids on the block when it comes to voting, and that’s a historical fact. Women weren’t given the right to vote in America until almost the mid 20th century, and now in the early 21st century the political arena is replete with women to include a woman running for President, and as my granddaughter might say, how cool is that for our side. As a woman myself, I swell with pride at the very thought of how far we’ve come in such a short time, because we earned it! But I won’t be voting for her – this woman running for President – because my country is about more, a lot more, than pride in my own gender.”

I wasn’t a Hillary supporter. I had problems with her political views and her personal character. I wouldn’t vote for her simply because we were both women. When cries of sexism arose around her, I didn’t buy into it. She was attacked because of her policies, not because she was a mother, or pro-choice, or wore her hair a certain way.

Now comes Sarah Palin on the scene, and she IS being attacked with blatant sexism. She has the audacity to aspire to be more than just a mother, or just a career woman. She can do both and she’s proven it. Her accomplishments at the age of 44 are commendable, if not enviable. She is the proof that our daughters truly can become anything they want – if they can get past the good old boys and anti-feminist women. Oh, they call themselves feminists, but they are liars. They are anti-feminists who, while they want their own right to choose on women’s issues, have no tolerance for any woman who disagrees with them. They have single handedly, in fact, set the women’s movement back to the 1930s in one insane swipe.

Even as they supported Hillary because she stood in favor of abortion – while ignoring her doormat attitude toward an adulterous husband, I might add – they trash Sarah Palin for having the nerve to bring a special needs son into the world. And then they trash her some more for getting up and going to work. When that isn’t enough to satisfy their sick and insatiable need for crucifixion of the woman, they turn their sights on her 17 year old daughter who is ALSO a woman with a right to choose life over abortion. Would they have applauded two abortions from this family? Apparently so. Apparently, these people subscribe to Obama’s theory that women are “punished with a baby”. Apparently, these people aren’t grateful that their own mothers stood on Sarah Palin’s side, or they wouldn’t be here.

The media has taken up the mantle of these barbaric liberals both men and women and used it for fodder, aided by the left wing liberal democrats who are now frightened out of their minds that Obama’s celebrity status has been infringed upon. They’re screaming that McCain has chosen Palin to woo Hillary supporters.

Let me tell you something – Hillary Clinton is no Sarah Palin. Hillary was a firmly entrenched member of the old Washington; Sarah Palin is the reformer we seek in the new Washington. Hillary’s experience was as a First Lady and a Senator, voting or not voting when she pleased and safe in the knowledge that she was in the company of 100 other Senators with as much power as she had. Sarah Palin has executive experience that no one else on either ticket has, to include John McCain. She doesn’t get to vote “present”. She has to make the decision. Hillary was popular among many, but Sarah Palin has over an 80% approval rating as Governor of the state of Alaska, and that’s unprecedented for any Governor. And while Hillary was dodging sniper fire, Sarah was selling off the Governor’s luxury liner on Ebay. No, Sarah Palin is not a substitute of any kind for Hillary Clinton. There is only one Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton can’t hold a candle for this Maverick to run by.

It’s been said that the first major decision we look at in our Presidential candidate is their judgment capabilities in choosing their Vice President. Obama, the agent of change and hope, chose a 65 year old Senator who’s been in Congress 10 years longer than McCain. Are you telling me that this hope and change we’ve been seeking has been hiding in a democrat’s chair in Congress for 35 years and we just didn’t know it? That Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has found him for us? That Biden ,after all these years, will now rush forward and be different than he has been in a Congress with the lowest approval rating in history? I think not.

John McCain “the Maverick” has chosen a reformer, an outsider to Washington, a conservative with a good head on her shoulders, and a wonderful support system at home. She just happens to be a woman, and a damn fine one. If this is the first act we are to base our opinion on as to John McCain’s judgment, we’re good to go. And now I can be doubly proud “to vote for John McCain AND to support a fellow woman on my chosen ticket. How ironic that the title of my first commentary has come full circle. “Women and the Maverick” is exactly right ,all the way to the White House.

Babs is a frequent commenter and contributing guest commentary author for