Obama, Biden curtail campaigning to monitor Gustav

Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden skipped some Labor Day activities so he could be on hand monitoring the hurricane Gustav relief and rescue efforts.

Report from Fox News:

Joe Biden canceled a planned appearance at a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh, Pa., so the Democratic vice presidential hopeful could monitor storm developments.

Hurricane Gustav slammed the Louisiana coast on Monday.

“I think it’s totally appropriate that elected officials march here in Pennsylvania, but it shouldn’t be a day for national politics,” Biden told reporters.

Asked about the Bush administration’s preparations for Gustav, Biden said, “So far I’ve been impressed.”

Gustav had been downgraded to a Category 2 storm by mid-morning as it made landfall on the Louisiana coast. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 storm when it hit the Gulf Coast three years ago, heavily damaging 90,000 square miles of property and costing billions of dollars.

The Delaware senator did travel to Scranton — his childhood home — where he was to discuss the economy.

Joined on the rope line by Gov. Ed Rendell and Sen. Bob Casey, Biden said, “It’s good to be home, adding that Scranton always lives in his heart.

“Ladies and gentlemen the fact of the matter is, it is no malarkey. You can’t have lived here without taking part of Scranton — it occupies your heart, It never leaves,” he said.

Video of Obama speaking about hurricane preparedness from the Associated Press:

It’s worth noting that both McCain and Palin are also doing the same.