McCain taking a light schedule during the DNC convention

As is often customary and a kind of professional courtesy, John McCain will be taking a light schedule making few appearances during the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Story from Yahoo News:

SEDONA, Ariz. – John McCain will keep a light campaign schedule for the next few days, but the Republican nominee-in-waiting has no intention of conceding Democratic National Convention week to his rival, Barack Obama.

McCain plans to use late-night comedy and local newspapers to reach out to voters in swing states, hoping to slow Obama’s momentum and pound home ramped-up criticism of his Democratic rival. He also plans to make an appearance with reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee.

Obama clearly takes center stage during convention week, but McCain’s advisers hope to use even that to their advantage by painting Obama as an overexposed celebrity receiving fawning press coverage. And if that doesn’t work, McCain still has a running-mate announcement in his pocket.

McCain strategist Sarah Simmons set the expectations: “Obama’s stadium address on Thursday — the 45th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech — will result in effusive and overwhelming press coverage. … This coverage will be impenetrable and will undoubtedly impact the polls.” Another McCain adviser said the campaign plans to take pokes at the press coverage to rile up media-skeptical supporters.

The campaign recently renewed its celebrity theme with a Web video mocking the first-term Illinois senator as “The One.” Rife with biblical references and sarcasm, the ad links Moses parting the Red Sea with Obama bodysurfing while on vacation in Hawaii.

“‘The One’ returns, this time to lead us to the road to Denver,” the ad says, a not-so-veiled reference to the Road to Damascus. “In Denver, you will see the light.”

Here’s 5 minutes of McCain chatting with Katie Couric about his VP choice and other issues of the day:

In my opinion, Obama’s choice of Biden leaves McCain with many options. As long as he doesn’t pick another senator, he’ll be bucking the trend since Joe Biden hardly equates to “change” in my book. McCain will probably go younger and perhaps towards a popular governor.