McCain cashing in on Hillary being passed over for VP

In response to Barack Obama choosing Joe Biden as his vice president over Hillary Clinton, the McCain campaign has wasted no time in attempting to capitalize on women voters who may be somewhat disenfranchised.

McCain’s campaigned has produced a couple ads in the past few days, here is the first:

Something tells me that “Debra” will be making a big appearance at the Republican convention arguing against Obama and trying to convince Hillary supporters to go for McCain.

Here’s the other ad using Hillary’s own words against Obama:

Report from USAToday:

Republican John McCain launched an ad Sunday claiming rival Barack Obama passed over Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate for “speaking the truth” about his liabilities.

The ad, called “Passed Over,” features a clip of Clinton and repeats criticisms the New York senator made during the Democratic primaries over Obama’s alleged lack of specifics on issues, negative campaign tactics and his relationship with Antoin Rezko, a former Obama fundraiser convicted in June on corruption charges.

“The truth hurt, and Obama didn’t like it,” the ad says.

The spot is McCain’s opening shot at grabbing headlines as Democrats converge in Denver to formally nominate Obama as the party’s presidential pick.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said the ad is running in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Iowa, in TV markets where the former first lady did particularly well in primary contests against Obama. He said it will also air in Denver.

A Clinton spokesperson has released a statement concerning the ads:

“Hillary Clinton’s support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country, getting us out of Iraq, and expanding access to health care. John McCain doesn’t. It’s interesting how those remarks didn’t make it into his ad.”

In a close election, this could have enough of an impact if there are negative feelings among former Clinton supporters after the Democratic Convention. We shall see how this pans out…