Flashback 2004: Biden wanted McCain as Kerry’s VP

Filed under the “ironic” category, it seems that Joe Biden is now being quoted as strongly advocating for John McCain joining John Kerry in 2004 to make up the Democratic ticket. Of course this doesn’t matter all that much for 2008 but it is interesting to read.

Story from WorldNetDaily:

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has chosen for his running mate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., a man who once proposed the bottom half of the Democratic presidential ticket would best be filled with an unusual selection: Republican John McCain.

In two separate television interviews in the spring of 2004, Biden suggested the best way to bring unity to a divided nation was for the then-Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, to select McCain as his running mate.

“I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president. I mean it. I know John doesn’t like me saying it, but the truth of the matter is, it is,” Biden told Tim Russert of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Only a few months earlier, Chris Matthews of MSNBC TV’s “Hardball” asked Biden if he thought McCain would consider joining Kerry on a “fusion ticket.”

“I think that this is time for unity in this country, and maybe it is time to have a guy like John McCain – a Republican – on the ticket with a guy he does like. They do get along,” answered Biden, “and they don’t have fundamental disagreements on major policies.”

Leading up to the interview with Matthews, McCain expressed on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he might show interest in joining a Democrat on the ticket.

“John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years,” McCain told the ABC morning show. “Obviously I would entertain it.”

By the time he faced Russert on “Meet the Press,” however, McCain had reshaped his comments.

“I will always take anyone’s phone calls,” McCain told Russert. “But I will not, I categorically will not do it.”

Biden expressed both skepticism that McCain would accept and support for him if he did.

I’m not sure who this would annoy more, Democrats or Republicans? Seems that McCain’s “maverick” status is more troubling to conservatives since back in 2004, McCain was the media golden boy seen as somewhat of an anti-Bush.