Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine on Obama VP short list

Apparently, according to The Politico, he’s on the very, very short list. For Obama he offers the chance to gain some support in Virginia, a state which could be a key battleground in 2008 since polls indicate it could be a swing state this time around.

Here’s the report from Politico:

As Senator Barack Obama turns to the choice of his running mate, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has emerged as one of the campaign’s potential finalists, sources familiar with conversations in Richmond and in Chicago said.

Kaine, an early Obama supporter whose biography nicely dovetails with the Illinois senator’s, “ranks very, very high on the short list,” said a source who has spoken recently to senior Obama aides about Kaine.

Kaine “is getting a critical examination,” the source said.

The 50-year-old Virginia governor is among a handful of logical, and much-discussed, choices to join Obama on the campaign trail. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn and Delaware Senator Joe Biden are among others frequently mentioned.

Obama and his top advisers met Monday afternoon at the Washington, D.C., law office of Eric Holder, one of the leaders of his vice presidential vetting team.

Kaine’s position as governor of a state the Obama campaign hopes to make a key battleground and his background as a Spanish-speaking former Catholic missionary and civil rights lawyer make him a strong potential pick.

Kaine could serve as ambassador, his proponents say, to four key groups: Virginians, Catholics, working-class white voters and Hispanics. (Kaine can be seen in one YouTube video endorsing Obama in proficient Spanish.)

The obvious stumbling block: a lack of foreign policy and Washington experience.

But Kaine’s political base of operations – some 100 miles south of Washington – seems to fit Obama’s hint, in an NBC interview taped Saturday, that he’d prefer a Beltway outsider.

Kaine may be strategic simply for the fact that Obama might be able to steal Virginia from McCain in 2008. I say “steal” since Virginia has voted Republican in the past 4 elections by more than 55% each time, thus making it traditionally a “red” state. However, this time around seems different as the polls show that Obama has the chance to make Virginia swing blue.