McCain receives social security, uses himself as example

In a somewhat textbook example of how broken and inept the current social security systems is, John McCain revealed that he is receiving social security and used it as a topic for discussing ways in which to improve the antiquated system.

Story from AOL News:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain says he is receiving Social Security checks, but he says the system needs to be fixed if future generations are to enjoy the same benefits.

The senator from Arizona is about a month shy of his 72nd birthday and would be the oldest president elected.

Last week, McCain said the system for funding Social Security is “a disgrace” because it forces young workers to pay into a program that is unlikely to benefit them in its current form.

Social Security benefits are projected to exceed its tax revenues in about nine years. The program’s trustees have said the Social Security trust fund will be depleted by 2041 unless the system is changed.

I’m actually guessing Obama supporters may work this into some jab at McCain’s age. However, one wouldn’t want to upset the large block of elderly voters by ripping on his age too much.

Perhaps the first way to improve the system would be to allow wealthy individuals to simply opt out of receiving the benefits. Still, I’d want my money back so perhaps that’s asking a bit much considering how much McCain probably paid into it all these years.