Bill Clinton says he’s ready to campaign for Obama

Haven’t seen Bill in several weeks since Hillary Clinton has dropped out. Word is now that Obama is the nominee and some things have been worked out, Bill is ready to hit the road for the Obama campaign. The next question will be how much the Obama campaign really wants him.

Story from AOL News:

NEW YORK (AP) – Former President Clinton says he is ready to campaign for Barack Obama whenever the Democrat needs him.

Relations between Clinton and Obama have only just began to thaw since Obama defeated the former president’s wife in the bruising Democratic primary. Throughout that bare-knuckle race, Clinton had portrayed Obama as too inexperienced to be president.

Just weeks ago, Obama called the former president to ask for his help in winning the White House.

Since Obama clinched the nomination, it has remained an open question as to what role Clinton would play in campaigning for him.

Clinton says the timetable is all up to Obama.

He spoke at a Manhattan news conference Thursday about work that his foundation is doing.

I’m sure they’ll have some events together but I highly doubt Bill Clinton will become a permanent fixture at Obama campaign stops.