McCain rakes in $22 million for June

Finally seeing some big numbers roll in, the McCain campaign managed to take $22 million in donations for the month of June. Still, it’s short of Obama but it’s a major step for McCain who has been lagging in the fundraising arena.

Story from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised more than $22 million in June, his best fundraising performance of the year, and ended the month with nearly $27 million cash on hand.

Campaign manager Rick Davis said Thursday that McCain and the national Republican Party together entered July with about $95 million in the bank. The Republican National Committee, which has been raising money jointly with McCain, collected nearly $26 million in June and had nearly $69 million on hand, officials said.

The campaign’s fundraising has given McCain the ability to spend more on television advertising than Democrat Barack Obama in key battleground states. Davis said about half of its income had been spent on television advertising.

Obama has not revealed his June fundraising.

In announcing McCain’s fundraising, Davis portrayed the campaign’s financial position as far brighter than ever before. He said the joint RNC-McCain fundraising through direct mail is now exceeding President Bush’s direct mail fundraising in 2004.

“We will have significant resources to prosecute a campaign that is very robust,” Davis said.

The McCain and Obama campaigns have significantly different fundraising calculations to make.

I’m sure Obama’s numbers will be quite large for June since it’s the month he officially clenched the nomination.