Enough already, let’s just vote!

Seems that both Obama and McCain are dogged down in these Summer days of July. Obama has been unable to open a lead over McCain, which seems like he should have already done. Plus, McCain has been unable to find a stride and take advantage of Obama’s gaffes. It seems the two of them are just stagnating until the debates and conventions happen.

Report on this from Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It is the summer-time blues for both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

Despite a political environment favorable to him, Obama has yet to build a substantial lead over McCain in national opinion polls and lately has been defending himself against charges of making policy shifts to endear himself to centrist voters.

For McCain, his campaign has been unable to take advantage of the opening Obama has given him, causing concern and frustration among some Republicans who already are worried about the party’s prospects in the Nov. 4 election.

National opinion polls give Obama a lead with four months to go until Election Day but his advantage is not insurmountable.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted in late June put Obama up over McCain 48 percent to 40 percent, while Gallup’s daily tracking poll has Obama ahead 46-43.

This is despite political headwinds that face Republicans: A sagging U.S. economy, $4-a-gallon gasoline and an unpopular Republican President George W. Bush.

Political experts say voters still appear to have some doubts about the 46-year-old Obama, a first-term Illinois senator.

“He still has not crossed the threshold of the voters’ comfort level,” said Democratic strategist Bud Jackson. On the other hand, said Jackson, “he already has a lead despite the fact that he is less well-known and he has more room to gain than John McCain.”

Another Democratic strategist, Jim Duffy, said the usually sure-footed Obama camp’s handling of a controversy over his policy shifts has raised eyebrows.

Call this somewhat of a personal rant, however, I’ve been feeling this way for a little while now. These candidates are simply reacting to the news of the day, not shaping it or offering concrete policy solutions to long term problems. Even when they do, it’s largely ignored in favor the daily tit-for-tat between the two.

I’m thinking America has now had nearly a year and a half of this 2008 presidential election campaign and they’re getting a bit burnt out. I’m sure there will be a upswing once some VP’s are named and we head into the debates.

It is interesting though that neither Obama nor McCain have found a niche which gives them an edge. McCain is holding onto a tight race while Obama hasn’t been able to pull ahead in the polls, as predicted he would by the media.