Obama, McCain agree on need for Iranian policy

Though they agree on the need for a definitive policy, they diverge on the actual merit of the policy. Obama favors more of a diplomatic approach while McCain also favors diplomacy with the option of military force if needed.

Story from USAToday:

WASHINGTON — Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain said Wednesday the Iranian missile tests justify the need for their very different approaches to foreign policy.

Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, said the tests “demonstrate once again that we need to change our policy,” including more direct diplomacy with the Iranians themselves.

McCain, who has criticized Obama’s call for direct talks, said working with European and Middle East allies is “the best way to meet the threat posed by Iran, not unilateral concessions that undermine multilateral diplomacy.”

McCain also said the tests justify development of a U.S.-led missile defense system based in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Obama also spoke of working with allies. McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, pointed out the United States already has non-presidential “lines of communications with the Iranians, and they are many Lines of communication are fine — action is what’s necessary.”

Both candidates advocated sanctions on Iran, and both said that if elected they would do everything in their power to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Iran test-fired nine long- and medium-range missiles Wednesday during war games that officials said aimed to show the country can retaliate against any U.S. and Israeli attack, state television reported.

President Bush was flying back from the G-8 summit when Iran conducted the tests. Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the National Security Council, condemned the tests as a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, “and completely inconsistent with Iran’s obligations to the world.”

Obama interview with CBS News this morning concerning the Iranian issue:

Report from ABC News on whether Obama is flip-flopping:

No video from McCain at this point.