Ron Paul planning rival event during GOP convention

Filed under the “thumbing your nose” section, the Ron Paul campaign, or what’s left of it, is planning a rival event during the GOP convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Story from AOL News:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is planning a daylong rally in Minnesota during the Republican National Convention that could draw attention from the presumed nominee John McCain.

The Texas congressman with a devoted following has tentatively reserved the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on Sept. 2, the second day of the GOP convention.

“We plan on having a large rally,” said Paul spokesman Jesse Benton. “We want it to be a celebration of Republican values and what the Republican Party has traditionally stood for.”

Benton also said Paul wants to send a message to the GOP “that we need to return to our roots” of limited government and personal responsibility.

The Republican Party will be gathering at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul for its four-day event that will end with McCain accepting his party’s nomination.

University of Minnesota spokesman Dan Wolter confirmed in an e-mail that the Paul campaign has a hold on Williams Arena in Minneapolis, Minn.

Supporters of Paul have been pushing for him to have a speaking role at the Republican convention. In the latest Associated Press tally, Paul had 24 delegates.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review first reported on its Web site about the Paul event.

Considering the conservative disdain for McCain, the Paul event will be the alternative event for those displeased with the direction of the GOP. However, I really don’t think it’s going to detract all that much from the main event.