Video: Ad wars begin, GOP uses Dems against Obama

In a crafty, and somewhat foreseeable move several months ago during the debates, the Republican Party has released a web ad in which statements of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton are used against Obama in regard to his experience.

The entire GOP ad “Democrats vs. Obama”:

Can’t say I’m too shocked, some of these remarks were criticized at the time specifically because of fear they would be used to produce such an ad.

Note that it wasn’t so much pro-McCain as it was anti-Obama. Perhaps that will be the subtle GOP message as to not tick off more conservatives.

Imagine that though, an entire minute and a half clip criticizing Obama filled only with statements from Democrats. More than anything it clearly shows that the at the time the statements were made, they were mostly for political posturing as all of those in the ad will be supporting Obama’s candidacy, one of them may even be his VP choice.