Hillary will say “goodbye” Saturday at noon

The date, time, and place have all been set for Hillary Clinton’s formal withdrawal from the presidential race. It will be Saturday at noon eastern time from Washington, DC.

The report from Fox News:

On the heels of a tete-a-tete with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton has set the time and place for her formal exit from the Democratic primary race.

The New York senator plans to drop out of the race at noon Saturday, at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.. The announcement came Friday after some initial confusion over when and where Clinton would concede.

With the details in place, party leaders hope the rally — where Clinton plans to endorse Obama — will serve as an effective call for party unity.

The two Democrats apparently began mending fences when they met in private Thursday night.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a major Clinton supporter who hosted the meeting at her Washington, D.C., home, said the two emerged from the hour-long session “laughing.”

Most of what Obama and Clinton talked about stayed secret in the hours after their meeting, and only a short, cryptic campaign message gave any hint of what happened behind closed doors.

Video report from ABC News on their meeting:

Another report from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton will end her presidential campaign Saturday at an event in Washington.

She will thank supporters and formally endorse rival Barack Obama, who clinched the nomination on Tuesday.

The campaign said in a statement Friday that the event will take place at noon at the National Building Museum.

The former first lady is expected to urge Democrats to unite behind Obama and help him defeat Republican John McCain in November.

Clinton and Obama met privately at the home of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein Thursday night to discuss the campaign going forward.

So it appears, from the statement released by Clinton, that Saturday at noon will be the official announcement of her withdrawal. I’m also hearing other details like the fact that they’re debating what backdrop she should speak in front of, should it say Obama or Clinton? Should it say Democrats for the future? Who knows, it’s all being scrutinized for the most positive effects.